Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday, May 17, 2008

We had a GREAT Saturday! How about you? Today was partly cloudy and cool so we were able to open the doors and windows and let the house air out (especially after I finished frying deer meat for tomorrow's lunch after church. There's just something about frying food in the house that makes me want to gag!). We stayed outside at home most of the day - except for a few short errands. I didn't even put make-up on until 3:00! I decided to show you our day in pictures. Here goes:

We woke up around 8:00 and had breakfast. I can't remember how the subject came up, but Alise and I ended up spending about 45 minutes looking at her baby pictures. I accidently pulled the photo album that had pictures of me pregnant and pictures after her birth and I worried what she might ask me, but right now, she still seems content with me "going to the hospital and getting you from God." For the life of me, I am so glad that we took as many pictures that we did of everyone holding her. She would recognize them and call them by name. She would say, "See, Nana holding me. That's Ms. Leigh holding me." It was all too cute and so great to share that time with her.

About 10:30, I asked Alise if she wanted to help me stuff her goody bags for her party next weekend. She was all about that! She was a BIG help and she did a great job! So about this time, our living room floor turned into "Goody Bag Central Station." Here she is with her 16 pink poodle goody bag purses all around her!!Here she is stuffin' away!

Uh-oh!! Trying to use the scissors! That's a no-no! Poor thing tried and tried to cut, but it just wasn't working for her! The scissors were too dull, I suppose.

More stuffing!
Here they are!! All done!! We're going to tie balloons to the purses next week.
Alise asked me yesterday if we could have a picnic. The weather was perfect for one! We had ham and cheese and PB&J sandwiches, chips, pickles, and cookies. She loved it and asked to have another one tomorrow after church. I told her that I just wouldn't be able to bring the smothered deer steak and rice and gravy outside. She wanted to try my flip-flops on during our picnic.
Here is a pic of Chad & Wayne working on putting the final touches of the vinyl siding up. All they have left are the front of the eaves. But they didn't get finished today.
Just thought I'd throw in a pic of my day lillies that are blooming. I had a hard time explaining to Alise that they only bloom for one day. She kept asking me why, why? Finally, I had just had to tell her, "Cause God said so." At 3:00 Alise and I went to Cyndi Hodge's house to meet with her and discuss the plans for Alise's birthday poodle cake. Cyndi was baking some cookies when we walked in, so her house smelled wonderful! When I asked what kind of cookies they were, she said, "Oh, just a little chocolate and a little semi-sweet morsels and a little of this and that. I was just practicing trying to decide if I needed to add some cream cheese." Oh, well! (Leigh, I thought of you with the whole chocolate thing. Alise ate two!!) With all the questions Cyndi had, I felt like I was planning a wedding cake instead of a birthday cake! I sure wasn't just calling up Brookshire's or Wal-mart, that's fer sure! (Mirya, she had just finished making an Auburn birthday cake! Can you believe it?) Anyway, the final decision is that the cake with me a two-tiered pink poodle cake. The inside will be strawberry with real strawberry and cream cheese filling and cream cheese icing. Are you ready for a piece? I sure am!!

We ended the day swinging.
Not your normal way of swinging. I'm not sure what she was trying to do here.

Alise is in love with Angelina Ballerina! I told Wayne tonight - after I got her in bed - that if I had to watch another Angelina Ballerina DVD, I would die. The two DVD's that we've been watching, we rented from the library and we've seen them a thousand times! Anyway, so what do I do? I get on Ebay tonight and bid and win two more Angelina DVD's...two that we've never seen. She tells me all the time that one day, she is going to have a tu-tu like her! For her sake, I sure hope she does!!

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  1. What a great day!! I'm glad she ate a cookie for me!!