Sunday, May 18, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008

Okay. Just a few observations from the American Country Music Awards last night. Mind you, I haven't watched this show in years!!

  • I am so glad Taylor Swift lost the hoodie. Little scary for me. But the rain?

  • Poor Kenny Chesney wasn't such a looser after all! He got all the hugs from all the pretty ladies last night!

  • I want Reba's hour glass figure! I can't decide what dress I liked the best, but she gets the vote for "Best Dressed."

  • Carrie Underwood reminded me of the young Dolly Parton. What, with the white hair, the white pant suit and big hanging "C."

  • Is there any award that Garth HASN'T won?

  • George Strait is aging...uh-hm! Well! He's aged well! I like George. (Maybe it was my high definition TV?)

  • Where was Dr. Phil's tie? Did he leave it at home?

  • Who was that crazy Miranda woman that sang the song about a gun?

  • Was it Brooks or Dunn that needed a good shave?

  • Where was Tim McGraw and Faith Hill? Where was Martina McBride? Where was that woman that sang the song, "I Hope You Dance"?

  • Didn't Nicole Kidman look great?

  • Who wrote Reba's laughs? They were horrible!

  • Okay. I'm a new fan of "Sugarland" - especially after I found out that she was the chick that sang with Jon Bon Jovi on the song, "You Can't Go Home." But home-girl didn't need to be wearing the black, white and red dress.

  • Taylor Swift's acceptance speech was the best! I would have left out the part about her mom sleeping with her mouth open! Is she really 16?

  • Who picked Garth's shirt? I thought Trisha had better taste than that!! Obviously she does!! Did you see that dress?!?

  • Loved the goatee, Garth. Very hot! But please, leave that hat on!!

  • Did I hear the same song twice last night? That song that Keith Urban sang? Was that a repeat from someone earlier?

  • I quit watching after Garth called Reba, "Ms. Yearwood."

  • Wait! No, I didn't. I saw the Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley tribute to Eddie Arnold. I thought it was wonderful.

Guess what!?! I actually got to shave BOTH legs last night!! AND pluck my eyebrows! I know. TMI!!

Okay. The instructor to my Microsoft Access class is Santa. I promise. I am not lying. Can you believe the man can make up to $300 an hour being Santa Claus? The dry cleaning for his Santa suit alone is $85! He is also "Uncle Sam" for the 4th of July festivities in Irving, Texas. No, he didn't show up in the Santa beard look, but you can tell that he is letting his hair grow out for the Uncle Sam role in about a month. He is also a computer nerd - Big Time (Leigh, he's worse than Brad!)!! He hates Arkansas (football) and loves Texas. He talks like a Texan, too. Just picture a Texas talking Santa!! Too funny. He told us alot of funny stories today. He told the guys that if they ever got the chance to play Santa, to remember three things: one, always have a real beard. Two, wear a cup (because those legs and arms get to swinging) and three, make sure the elves hand the babies and toddlers to you backwards (don't wanna hafta pay $85 for dry cleaning). When Christmas rolls around this year, try picture Santa wearing a cup!! {Laughing my head off}

I also wanted to share some helpful advice he gave us today about buying a new car (He did some contract work for several car dealerships recently):

  • When a dealership gets in a new vehicle in their stock, they receive 5 invoices. When you're haggling with the salesman and he tells you, "Uh, let me go check with my manager and see what we can do for you," he and his manager sip a couple of cups of coffee and eat a few donuts. Then, the salesman goes over to the filing cabinet, pulls out the invoice that is closest to your offer and says, "This is just the best we can do." When the salesman tells you that he is only making $150 bucks off your sale, he is lying.

  • Don't buy a car the first day you talk to the salesman. Tell him you will think about it and do it. If you don't like his final offer, just walk out the door. If the salesman tries to stop you, that means he has a better offer. If he doesn't, wait 24 hours. You will get a call. If you don't get stopped and don't get a call, then that was a really good deal and you need to take it.

  • Don't ever buy the extended warranty. That is gravy to the dealership. (I started to raise my hand on this one, because I know - from personal experience - how beneficial an extended warranty is, but then again, maybe my situation was just a fluke)

  • Once they get you in the office to sign, don't except any additional costs. Those are all gravy.

  • When they ask you about financing, tell them that you aren't sure how you're going to finance. If there is a possibility they think you will finance it through the company (say, GMAC), they make money off that deal, too. So, let them finish filling out the paperwork, and just when you're about ready to sign on the dotted line, tell them you'll be financing it through the credit union/bank/whatever.

    1. So, that's what I learned today in my class. Just ask me something about Microsoft Access! OH! And to top it off, guess what my instructor's name was? Give? TIM ALLEN!!!!

      I wanted to show you some pics:

      On the first picture, someone please tell me why a hotel would place the guest towels IN THE SHOWER!?! As soon as you turn on the water, the towels would get wet. No, this did not happen to me. The second picture is of the hallway of my floor. Notice all the round lights on the wall. Do they look like port holes to you? When I walk down the hall, I feel like I am on a ship. I'm not sure if I'm just thinking about my friend, Tracy, who is on a cruise right now (and wishing I was with her) or just thinking about my favorite movie, "Titantic." What do you think?

      I got to eat at Macaroni Grill tonight and it was SO good!! I had the Pasta Manelli and it was wonderful! Their sweet tea was the best, too. Why is it when I eat in there, I feel like I'm living the life of a bad Godfather movie? Maybe it's the music (which I like) and the dim lighting. Whether or not James Godofinni (sp) or Al Pacino jump out at me, I really do like that restaurant!! If Monroe had a Macaroni Grill, I would weigh 500 pounds!!

      I miss my family. I miss Wayne and Baby Girl. I know as much as I've complained about Alise being super glue lately, I would love to have a hug from her right now. She would hardly speak to me tonight on the phone. I am so proud of Wayne for working extremely hard today so that he could be off in time to take Alise to her gymnastics class. He even took her to McDonald's afterwards. He's the best dad! After their daddy-daughter date, he took her back to my mom and dad's to spend the night. My mom took her to school today because she had some errands to run, but Alise will stay home with her all day tomorrow. I told you guys I would be a new woman when I came home!!

      I have to make one stop tomorrow on my way out of town. I have to stop at the Fossil store at the Board Walk to do some serious complaining about the fact that we've bought two Fossil watches and Wayne hasn't been able to wear either because they quit working. His latest watch came as a Christmas present last year that I bought at the Shreveport Fossil store last fall. It worked all of two months. He's ticked. So now I have to go in the store tomorrow and be ticked. Woe to that sales clerk!!

      I'm getting excited about Alise's party this weekend! Can you believe it's only 4 days away? We keep checking the weather. As of now, it's 40% chance of rain on Friday and 30 % on Saturday. Wayne keeps asking me if we should get the key to the gymnasium incase it's raining Saturday morning. I'm holding out hoping that if we don't get the key, then it won't rain. If it can just hold off until the afternoon, that would be wonderful!

      I probably won't be able to blog tomorrow night because I've got the hour and 45 minute drive home. Won't be stopping in Ruston to visit the BeeHive, I suppose (Leigh, they had the exits messed up, so I didn't get to stop on my way over). Besides, I think I've blessed you all with a little too much these last two days! I'm too excited to see my family anyway. It's just amazing what one night away can do!


      1. Be safe and enjoy the rest of the trip, velcro is saving all of her sticky goodness up for you! :)

      2. Wow after seeing how long your first post on this page was i'm now thinking mine are not up to snuff. lol. Anyway, yes be very glad that your sweet girl ins't asking for those brats yet. I think they named them very correctly. Terrible cartoons. yuck. those pictures of katie and your daughter are so cute!