Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday, May 5, 2008

PhotobucketPhotobucketI had two bad dreams last night. The first dream, I was a nurse in the operating room at a hospital that I have never seen before. The hospital looked like a school. Dr. Dugas (Alise’s ENT) was in the dream and another doctor named “Dr. Williamson.” I don’t know a Dr. Williamson. My supervisor was “Bailey in-carnate” and I had to miss Alise’s first day of school at Good Shepherd because I had to be in surgery. My friend, Carrie, had to have surgery and I was mad at her because she wouldn’t come to our hospital and let me “operate” on her (I don’t blame you, Carrie!). The next dream I had was more of a nightmare! I dreamed about Alise’s birthday party. I dreamed the jumping Princess Castle was the size of an actual castle and that there were kids everywhere – kids neither I nor Alise even knew. She had presents for days and I felt so bad that I had invited people to come “jump” who felt inclined to bring gifts, too. The poor poodle cake turned out to be poodle cookies instead and everyone was having so much fun jumping that there was no one to sing “Happy Birthday” to my poor Baby Girl! So sad. Thank goodness it was just a dream. Two absolutely crazy dreams! The Dr. Pepper at Target late yesterday evening and the two hour nap from yesterday afternoon must have kicked in because I had a hard time falling asleep last night. I do remember that Alise’s party was on my mind as I finally drifted off.

Wayne and I will be packing a switch with us to Alabama this weekend. And it won’t be in the suitcase, either. While we were outside yesterday enjoying the nice weather, Alise decided to get in one of her “not-minding” attitudes and so she watched as her Daddy walked across the driveway to our Silver Oak tree and pulled a limb. She got a spanking with it last night from her Daddy because she proceeded to “scoot” her Disney Princess game for the Wii across the wood floors and ruined it (Wayne was livid!!). Here lately, she refuses to mind us and has somehow developed a very inpatient and haughty attitude. I feel like all I do these days is yell at her about something. It is getting rather old. This morning, she ticked me off again because I didn’t cut up her honey bun, gave her the wrong cup for her chocolate milk sippy and couldn’t turn the TV on while I was trying to make her breakfast at the same time! I told her that I was taking the switch with me in the car today and she begged me not to, promising that she would be good. I told her, “If I have to get on to you one time, I’m going to spank your butt with this when I get you home tonight.” She said, “Don’t say that word, Mommie.” I had to bite my tongue from laughing. We have three bad words in our house: butt, shut-up, and stupid. She loves to tell us when her friends say these words and she knows that when I say the word, butt, that I mean business. Ugh!!!

We’re bad parents. We’ve also begun threatening her about having her picture taken for her three year old portraits on Friday morning in Tuscaloosa. You just don’t understand. If someone ticks her off or if she wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and decides she’s not going to do something, she won’t do it. Nothing ticks me off more about her!! So, we’ve told her that if she doesn’t cooperate and make pretty pictures that she won’t have a pink poodle birthday party (Yeah, right!). When we told her that, she looked at us with huge eyes as if to say, “You can really do that?” Oh, yes, Sister! We have the power and the sooner she realizes that, the better our family life is!! I feel horrible airing all our dirty laundry, but she’s simply going through another stage right now and I feel like the absolute worst mother in the world, but sometimes a moma’s just gotta do what a moma’s gotta do!! We are always telling Alise that we aren’t going to have an ugly (in behavior) little girl and we mean that. She really isn’t a tyrant. She may be a little spoiled, but she really is a good little girl. Like I said, we’ve just hit another stage in the discipline area and it’s called pushing Moma & Daddy to the limit (or better yet, over the edge! I seem to be falling off a lot lately!!). I did discover something new about my Baby Girl this weekend! I was reading Angie Smith’s blog and of course, I was bawling. Alise was sitting beside me on the couch and when she noticed that I was crying, she started patting my cheek and said, “Mommie, please don’t cry. Sweetie, Mommie, it’s okay. Sweetie, don’t cry.” Then, her voice began to crack and I could tell she was tearing up because I was crying. It was the first time I believe that I ever witnessed empathy and compassion in her….one of the first times I saw myself in my daughter. Her heart broke because mine was breaking, too. I cry now just thinking about it. She is the best little girl in the world! (Do you feel like you’ve been on a roller coast with me today?)

Alise did great tonight at gymnastics. Maybe not quite as good as last week, but she still did well. Ms. SueAnn said that she is ready for the Tumble Bears class, which is the next class and the best thing is that Mommies can't participate in the class. Here are a few pics from tonight. They aren't very good because I used my smaller digital camera and it has an ever-aggravating delay!

I started packing for us tonight. I've got Alise packed and most of my clothes are washed and ready. Wayne has yet to book us a hotel. I don't know why he is taking forever to book a hotel. Well, for one, he keeps changing his mind. The last I heard we were staying at a hotel a few blocks over from the campus. There is no telling where we will end up!
Alise seems to be comind down with a cold. Her nose is been running and she seems a little congested. I have her some medicine before she went to bed tonight. She was out soon after her head hit the pillow.


  1. ha- I can see those kind of days in my near future too! What's refreshing is that you and your husband don't seem to be afraid to really parent Alise (and then blog about.) I think the world needs more of those kinds of parents!

  2. All I can say is FINALLY! Welcome to my world sister. Katie's been in this stage for months now and the way things are right now with Mom, I don't have the time to stay on her with both thumbs. I've learned that taking favorite things away for a period of time, helps them to remember why they don't need to do something naughty. Just a suggestion. I wish you lots of luck and hopefully Katie & Alise will get out of this stage SOON! tehe!

    Love ya and can't wait to see y'all in a few days.

    PS: Doug says we are all going to H'ville on Friday. I noticed your blog said you'll be in T'town on Friday. Fill me in when you can. Drive careful!