Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Horton's Have New Shoes

If you saw my "twitter" update, you know that we went out to eat for dinner tonight. I say, "we," but I really mean Wayne and Alise. They dropped me off at Belk and then drove to the Food Court for a "Daddy-Daughter-Date" at Chic-fil-a (Alise's choice). I wanted to run in Belk because one of my employees had gotten the cutest black and white polka dot blouse there and I wanted one, too. My first stop was the shoe section because it also happened to be the door that Wayne and Alise dropped me off at. I saw the display of "the yellow box" shoes/flip flops and was so surprised that they finally had my size and they were in the pink sparkly flip flops, too!! I don't think I've ever paid $20 for a pair of flip flops!! Have you? Anyway, I had to have the pink pair (see below). They are SO cute!

Wayne called me while I was in Gymboree and I met up with them at the train station where I saw Baby Girl going around the track. She waved real big at me. After that, she asked me -very nicely - if she could go to the "Hannah Montana Store" (aka "Claire's"). Since she was so nice about it, I decided to let her go even though by this time, it was 8:30. I told her when we went in the store that she could not buy anything because she didn't have her birthday money. I told her that we would come back on Saturday. Well...that was before we found the flip-flop display. She tried on every pair of flip flops in that store!!! She really liked the pink sparkly ones. I was a little hesitant because of the wedge heal. She asked if she could have them. You should have heard my man! He asked her, "Alise, do you really want these flip flops? Do you want Daddy to buy you these flip flops?" (He is just as bad as I am!!) So, Daddy bought her the pink wedged heel, sparkly flip flops! But, then, when we were leaving the store, I heard him tell her, "You owe me $11.00 of your birthday money." Of course, she didn't understand and said, "That's MY birthday money!" Oh, goodness. Here are pics of our new shoes:

Baby Girl's Shoes

Moma's shoes

Daddy's new shoes. He got these when we were in Memphis last month. These are New Balance flip flops. I didn't even know that NB made flip flops. Go figure.


Here are a few pictures from Alise's birthday party at school. It was small and simple, but Alise relished the attention and joy. Ms. Kay made her a birthday crown and everyone sung "Happy Birthday" to her. She was so happy and I had a huge smile on my face, too!

Ms. Gloria, Alise's teacher is in the blue top to the right.

Birthday Girl is all Smiles!!
P.S. I had a PB&J sandwich for dinner tonight.
P.S.S. I know. I still haven't told you about the packet we got in the mail from Jesus Good Shepherd, but I will. I promise.


  1. OK, I may have to have some pink flip flops too!! Wonder if Alise would share hers with me??!!

  2. Alise is precious and love all the flip flops!:)

  3. Leigh - I'll ask her and let you know what she says! Ha! She can barely walk in them!!

  4. I love the flip flop family! :) Hug that big birthday girl for me! WE ARE getting together this summer...

  5. Nice post!! You are really a happy family. I also got a same pink sandals from Robeez for my sweet daughter.