Monday, May 12, 2008

Greetings from "The Pit"

Greetings from the storm cellar!! Oh, yes! This was the "near death" experience I was telling you about! The bad storms that swept through Oklahoma and Missouri over the weekend, also hit us this weekend in Alabama. All I can do is raise my hands to the heavens and say, "Thank you, thank you, Great-great-great-great-GREAT Grandpa Horton for building, "the pit." Here is a pic of all of us (Uncle Millard is hidden to the left, but he's holding Katie) in the storm cellar at 1:00 AM Sunday morning! I knew you all knew what Wayne looked like without his makeup, so I decided to post the pic of the rest of us without ours!

Soon after Doug's party was over Saturday night, it began thundering and lightening. Aunt Peggy and Uncle Millard came over to Doug and Mirya's for a while and we were watching the weather on the TV. You know...that picture they put of your state in the bottom right hand corner of the screen that is shaded red or green? For a while, Cullman County was red, but before we all went to bed, it was shaded green again. Wayne, Baby Girl and I were sleeping on the air mattress in the living room and I couldn't sleep. I noticed the continuous lightening and stillness. I recognized them as signs of tornados that my mom use to warn me about. I continued to lay there and I had no idea that Doug and Mirya were watching the weather in their bedroom. Shortly after midnight, I heard the tornado sirens go off. At first, I wasn't sure if they were sirens or an actual tornado (since I've never been in one, but my dreams tell me that I am going to die in one). Wayne didn't budge on the couch, so I got up to go to Mirya and Doug's bedroom. Mirya met me in the hallway and asked if we would have a problem going to the storm cellar at Peggy and Millard's. Did she even have to ask me that? I was like, Heck, no! Let's go. She said the storm was about thirty minutes away and we needed to drive the seventeen miles quickly. I wasn't even going to change my clothes! I grabbed my wedding ring and watch, Alise, and I was ready. I wanted to get to the cellar quick! I eventually changed clothes and off we headed. Wayne kept telling me, "Look to the left! Look out your window! See if you see anything when it lightens again." Of course, I just knew any minute that a cow would go flying by...all I could see was the movie, "Twister" in my head! Alise was asking a thousand questions and I didn't want to get her upset. I wanted to say, "Do you remember in the Wizard of Oz?..." but I didn't. I knew better. But I was so worried that the next time it lightened, I would be looking face to face at an F-5 tornado!! We made it to Peggy and Millard's and by then, the wind had picked up and the lightening was short and closer. I feared for my life as I ran across Peggy and Millard's yard to "the pit" carrying Alise and holding an umbrella. I just knew I was going to be electrocuted!! We all huddled in the cellar and Millard turned on the small black and white TV (yes! We had electricity!). Cullman county was under a tornado warning until 1:15 AM. For the most part, I felt safe in "the pit." After all, it was underground. Katie and Alise were wide -eyed and kept themselves busy with a few toys that Peggy had there. I thought I heard the wind a few times pick up and we took turns getting out for "fresh air" and watching the storm. It was raining side-ways and still lightening. I thank God that He took care of us and we were all safe. No bad weather; I think most of it was contained further North of us, but on the way home, we saw trees down on the interstate from Cullman to Birmingham. So that was our little taste of even further "entertainment" for the weekend. Can't say that I enjoyed that one too much!

This morning, I had a dentist appointment to get three fillings (two re-filled). I drove back to Mangham to see Dr. Boles. I was a little late because I stopped by Target to complete my "to do list" from my husband. When I got back, I asked her and the assistant if they were taking bets as to whether or not I would show up. They laughed and said they had been talking about me (I didn't show up for the last appointment). I had to have four shots! My mouth has been killing me all day! The numbness didn't even wear off until around 4 o'clock! You have to understand, I hate going to the dentist. So, I took the whole day off from work to "celebrate" the event!

Move over Prince William and Kate. Hello Jenna and Henry, America's newest couple (and they actually got married BEFORE there was a baby on the way!!). I am a fan of Laura Bush and I have kept up with the twins, Barbara and Jenna, via the media while their dad has been in office. I know Jenna has had her growing problems in the past, but she has blossomed into a beautiful young woman and seems to be following in her mother's footsteps. Mom and daughter just wrote a children's book together. I must say, though, personally, I was disappointed that she decided not to be married at the White House. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I was secretly hoping to witness a Presidential wedding during my lifetime. From the pictures that I've seen, the wedding was Texas-style right down to the cross monument that was errected on the family ranch just for the occassion. Let me know what you think about her wedding dress. Do you like it? It was very pretty, but not what I expected. I think I'm just missing the veil?

What? David Archuleta's dad has been banned from American Idol rehearsals? Read it here.

Alise and Katie had a great time together this weekend. I told you last week that she was so excited about going to Alabama that she couldn't even take a nap on Thursday. When we crossed the Alabama state line, one of the first questions she asked was, "Where's Katie?" The girls got along very well. I can't remember any fighting or arguing, but Aunt Peggy might think differently (she kept the girls Friday night while we went out to eat). I loved to hear Katie say Alise's name. She would say, "Weese?! Weese?" There were some instances that Alise seemed to show the "big sister" personality...taking care and mothering Katie. There were several times that I saw the two girls holding hands, which I thought was so sweet. The bad thing is that I never managed to get a good pic of the two of them together! This is a pic of Alise opening her birthday present from Katie. It was her first Barbie Doll. Mirya and I took the girls to Heritage Park on Saturday morning and the yhad so much fun sliding. Alise wanted to know where the swings were, but she quickly got over the fact that there weren't any. Katie has a sandbox and the girls enjoyed playing in that and with Will, Katie's next door neighbor. They ran around like crazy at Doug's party! I don't think either of them ate very much. There were too many other cousins to play and run around with. I had told Mirya that I would try to watch after Katie because I knew she would be tied up at the party with the food and talking to people (Poor thing! Mirya was the last one to eat and she didn't even get a piece of birthday cake until we got back to their house later that night). Before I knew it, both Katie and Alise were running around the party area without their shoes! Oh, well, sometimes, you just have to pick your battles. I did get some cute pics of Katie and Alise in the tub later that night. When Alise woke up Sunday morning, I had to give her the disappointing news that we had to leave. She said, "I don't want to leave. I want to stay with Katie." I am so glad that she loves her little second cousin as much as she does. She told me on the way home that "Katie is my best friend." My heart smiled.

I've started addressing Alise's birthday invitations. This morning, when I took her to school, we went down the hall of all the cubbies and I called out the names so she could tell me who she wanted to invite. Of course, she wanted to invite everyone and I told her that we just couldn't do that this year. There are simply to many children in her class, so I told her that we would have a party at school the week after. Gosh, I didn't realize that her party will be not this weekend, but next. I started to get drinks this morning while I was at Target, but I think I'm just going to get everything next week. I've still got to work out the details regarding the cake.

Alise had gymnastics tonight and she did so well. She did fall off the beam, though and probably bruised her inner thigh (She hit the beam between her legs). I was worried she wouldn't get back on, but she is so tough. She didn't even really whine about it, but she did sit out for a few minutes. But she got right back up and did it all over again! I met a little girl from her school tonight at gymnastics named Kennedy. Kennedy normally takes gymnastics on Tuesdays, but because she has swimming lessons, her mom, Rose - who was very nice - brought her to Alise's class tonight. I talked to Rose about the swimming lessons and she told me that Kennedy was taking semi-private lessons at Bayou Divers for $50 for 4 lessons. Wayne and I thought that was so much more reasonable than ULM's natatorium, so he wants me to call them tomorrow (another thing to add to my honey-do-list!)

Oh! And "Happy Mother's Day" to me! My new dishwasher! Woo-hoo!! If my other one had not gone out the very day we left for Alabama, I would have been offended.

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