Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday, May 30, 2008

As you already know from previous blogs, Alise will be attending a local Catholic school, Jesus Good Shepherd (JGS), for PreK-3 for the 2008-2009 school year. The main reason for this change is because the day school that she now attends only keeps one and two year olds. After the summer program at Grace Yellow House, she will have to relocate. You probably also remember the crazy blogs that started right after Christmas with me being worried about what school she would attend and the disappointment that our first choice for schools was no longer offering PreK-3 for the upcoming school year. Having said that, Alise will attend JGS for one year and hopefully, we will be able to place her in River Oaks (our first choice) for the remainder of her school years (hopefully).

Having said all that, I thought I would share with you some excerpts from the school packet I received from JGS this week concerning dress code, policies, and just general information with my comments attached. Here goes:

*Total book fee: $135.50. This includes: “consumable texts,” Diocesan fee, science fee, student insurance, art fee, internet/computer, & scholastic. My comment: Just how many texts can a three year old consume?!?!
*Extra fees that must be paid with the book fee by August 1st: Parents’ Club dues $20 and class fee of $38.00. My comment: Someone please explain what a “class fee” is? So did you get that? That’s nearly $200 bucks due before the school doors even open, not counting tuition (that we have agreed to pay the entire balance up front on August 1st)!!
*The second Monday of every month, school dismisses at 2:00 for faculty meetings. My comment: So, is this covered under extended care for mom and dads that work?
*On the second Monday of every month, students may wear their JGS spirit shirt with their uniform shorts or pants. The spirit shirt can be purchased for $10.00. My comment: How much cotton does it have in it?
*The PTO is purchasing the school supplies. The supplies will be on your child’s desk the first day of school. All the child needs to bring on the first day of school is a back pack. PreK-3 cost: $49.00. My comment: That’s the best news I’ve heard yet!! No running around picking up school supplies!! Ya-hoo!!
*The PTO will have a used uniform sale in July. My comment: What?!?! I just went and put uniforms on lay-a-way at KMS!!!! I could have benefited one year for this! KMS does not give refunds. I screwed up!!
*Cafeteria statements will be sent home the first week of school. My comment: What’s that?
*Class rosters will be posted on the front doors of the school on Monday, August 8th. My comment: I’ve got to put that on my calendar so I can do a drive by before work!
*PreK-3 roundup will be August 5th at 6:00 in the gym. My comment: Oh, no! My Baby Girl really IS going to school!!
*School begins August 13th. It is a full day! My comment: What happen to those half a days?
*Holidays include: Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, MLK, Mardi Gras, Spring Break, and Good Friday. Throw a couple of Parent-teacher conference days in there, too.
Now to the dress code policy: On Mass Days (which I think is Friday’s – and we’re not Catholic, by the way) girls must wear the jumper with white blouse. Students who wear the wrong uniform on Mass days will call parents for a change of clothes or a pink slip will be issued. Only regulation red sweatshirts, red or navy cardigans or blue fleece jackets can be worn in class. Navy or white tights may be worn during cold weather. Boots, sandals, or Crocs are not allowed for any students. Girls may wear only clear nail polish. No makeup or artificial nails allowed on JGS campus. Hair must be of natural color for all students. Shirts have to be tucked in all day. Students are not allowed to have tattoos. My comments: Of course, these are only a few items from the dress code policy. What is a pink slip? What ever will Alise do without her flip flops and painted fingernails? And what parent in their right mind would let their child have a tattoo? {Laughing}

I hate to bore you with all these details. After all, school just got out and who wants to think about the next school year? Probably only moms like me who refuse to let their little girls be little girls and instead, keeps looking for the next greatest thing instead of hugging and holding on to the best years that are right in front of me. Oh, she’s grown up so fast and I already feel like I have missed so much! Maybe if I had another child, I would take things a lot slower? What do you think?

We do not have any major plans for this weekend. I am still debating on whether or not Alise and I will make a stop at the nail shop & Claire’s tomorrow morning. I would really just love to sleep in and stay in my pajamas all weekend! I think this weekend is going to be another hot one. I thought about getting Alise’s swimming pool out, but I haven’t told her that, yet. Tomorrow, Wayne’s friend from work is suppose to come over and they are going to work on the vinyl siding for the house next door (Can you believe Wayne is talking about renting it again?) so he’ll be tied up most of the day. I plan to make some crawfish etouffee’ for supper Saturday night.

I am continuing to throw things in the ol’ “garage sale box.” My mom and her friend are having a garage sale this fall, so every time I see something that I feel I can finally part with, in to the box it goes. I just tell myself that when we finally find a bigger house, I won't have to move it again. I've also been pretty successful with some things on Ebay lately, too.


  1. Oh my! That's a lot of info!! Good luck!

  2. Do you know which curriculum they are using for her preK? I know that for preK I spend about 80 dollars. So that isn't so bad. :)
    Not to mention the trips out and extras throughout the year. :)

    Loved this post by the way. And no, I don't think another child will slow it down. It will only speed it up! And the second one comes practically grown anyway! :( They see the other children and copy them so they grow so FAST. :(

  3. If you have another child, things WILL speed up! (but that is no reason not to have another one:) Isaac acts a lot older than Olivia did at 2. He learns lots from his big sis.

    As far as the Pre-k thing..... WOW.... Lots of rules.... did they have to put all those rules on paper?!? Most of them were obvious... RIGHT?!?! good luck!

  4. Okay, I get the feeling from Chelita and Jess that they've given me the "okay" for child #2! Ha, ha! Won't be happening soon, but I've been thinking about it.

    Jess, yes all these rules were on paper and we haven't even gotten the "official" handbook yet!! And, yes, most were obvious! Thanks.