Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday, May 16, 2008

Well, guess what! Just when the invitations go out, I find out that there is a 60% chance of rain next Saturday for Alise’s birthday party! Just my luck. It has rained and stormed on every other important day in my life, so why not Alise’s 3rd birthday party, too? Actually, it’s suppose to rain Friday AND Saturday, so even if it doesn’t rain for her party, the playground will probably be too wet. I realize this forecast is for over a week away, but it’s not suppose to rain at all next week BUT Friday and Saturday, so go figure. Ugh! Oh, well. There is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Worst case scenario, we’ll move it inside the church gym. At least I’ll have the inflatable jumping house as entertainment!

I got an email from Lori (Emma’s mom) this morning. She was “smart” (thus her last name) and called the school to find out the dress code for PreK-3. Navy shorts, red polos WITH the school name, and red and navy jumpers. The red polos that I bought did not have the school name. I am assuming that will cost extra moula around August. I haven’t decided if I am going to exchange the white nautical blouses for something else since they are not required. Would you believe that buying the shorts and shirts at Walmart or somewhere in the mall never crossed my mind until today? I just assumed that they had to come from the uniform store, and maybe they do. Oh, well. There isn’t anything I can do about it now.

Do you get the feeling I’ve got a little “care-freeness” going on?!

Alise asked me this morning if we could have a picnic tomorrow for lunch. Of course, I said yes. I know the perfect shade tree in our yard! It was so cool when we walked out this morning to get in the car that I hope it stays like this all weekend. However, I don’t think it’s going to happen. I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon with the lady who is going to make Alise's birthday cake.

Alise’s personality is changing again. Well, let’s just say that her “tantrums” are changing. These days when she doesn’t get her way or what she wants, you can tell that she is actually mad. I’m having a hard time describing it. It’s like she hollers out and then it stops. If her actions could describe it, it would be, “You make me so mad!!! I hate you!” We’re still having issues with the back-talking. Oh, it’s the worst! She’s just like her daddy! She will argue with a brick wall!! It drives this moma crazy!! I’ve started popping her in the mouth when she does it around me, but it never fails that she opens the flood gates while we’re in the car because those times are the worst! I think it’s because she knows I can’t always turn around and pop her while I’m driving. I need to get a spoon in the car so I can way-lay her a big one (not in the mouth, of course) when she smarts off to me. Goodness, ya’ll! You just don’t know how much I can’t stand that! I can’t stand a smart-aleck kid!! That’s when I start missing Hollis. I think if Alise could see her Papaw’s hand, I could use that as incentive and maybe she would mind better! Ha!! Anyway, on a POSTIVE note, she does seem to be – what I call – “minding her manners” more. She’s gotten better with “please” and “thanks” (I much rather prefer “thank you”, but beggers can’t be choosers at this point), but we’re still working on the “Yes, Ma’am/No, Ma’am” thing. Mirya, I have to apologize. Just call it habit, but I found myself correcting Katie last week! Nothing compares to being Miss Manners (And…just a little trivia for you folks, I WAS Miss Manners when I wrote for our Jr. High School newspaper. I’ll give a prize away to the person who knows the name of the newspaper! Smile. Betcha didn’t know that, did ya?

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