Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Alise's New Hair Cut

Well, I warned you I was gonna do it! What do you think of Alise's new hair cut? Let's just say that Wayne is too busy right now working on installing my new dishwasher (Remember?...Happy Mother's Day to me?) to give me much grief about it. He did make a funny face when we got home tonight, but I quickly whispered to him not to say anything negative to Alise about her hair. She absolutely loves it!! She kept looking at herself in the mirror at the shop afterwards. I made the hair dresser promise not to say the word, "cut." She had to say "trim" or Alise would freak out! To be honest, I think she got a little scissor happy!! I wasn't planning on getting that much cut off. I told her two inches, but it looks more like three. Maybe it's because Alise's hair was wet (she had used a spray bottle to dampen her hair). Her bangs are also shorter than I normally like, but like I told Wayne, "It's just hair!" It will grow back. I have to tell you this, though. Tonight while Alise was brushing her teeth, I tucked her hair behind her ears and it looked so cute!!! I nearly cried! She looked like she was thirteen years old.
I called Bayou Divers today and Alise's first swimming lesson is scheduled for Monday, June 30th. She will be taking semi-private lessons with another little girl who is four years old. Nancy said that we could start practicing blowing bubbles and putting her face in the water at night when she takes a bath. She said that would be a big help as far as getting her acclimated. So, we started practicing tonight. Alise put her chin in the water and I got her to put her mouth in, but we've still got to work on the bubble part. It's hard when I'm bending over the side of the tub and not actually in the water myself. Oh, well. We've still got time to practice.

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  1. LOVE the hair! You two will have to come and try out her swimming knowledge at our house. :) Maybe she will get my oldest to suck it up! LOL!