Friday, May 02, 2008

20 Things I Couldn't Possibly Live Without

1. Philosophy exfoliating face wash. This is the absolute best product to use first thing in the morning and to remove make-up at night time. Leaves skin absolutely clean.

2. Estee Lauder MagnaScopic mascara. Makes lashes super long.

3. J. Jill linen pieces. I know they can be rather expensive, so that’s why I buy them on sale! {Smile} When Mirya and I were shopping in Birmingham last fall, I picked up two sets of linen Capri pants and they are the most comfortable capris I have ever worn! Linen breathes, and that’s nice for summer time!

4. Sonic grape slushes. I bet I have drunk a whole purple ocean of these things!

5. The entire line of LeighPV jewelry – especially those one-of-a-kind pieces that are made especially for me. {You know who you are!}

6. Vera Bradley handbags {Ahem, purses}. I have two and I love them to death! So many styles to choose from! From the smallest purse to luggage – that actually fits in the overhead compartment of the plane! So many accessories, too.

7. Philosophy fragrant scented shower gels and body emulsions in Amazing and Inner Grace. These are to die for!! If you are new to Philosophy, I would recommend starting out with Amazing Grace first. These products are truly amazing!!

8. Bare Escentuals “retro look” or “cat eyes” as I like to call them. My eyes just don’t look the same without this mineral liner.

9. Pink. Anything in pink. It’s mine and Alise’s signature color.

10. Flip flops. In every color for summer.

11. Birthday cake and ice cream. Enough said.

12. Aero-Curl mousse for my hair. If you have curly hair, check with your stylist to see if she can order this for you off the internet. It’s absolutely wonderful for you “natural curlies” out there!

13. My Chris Daughtry CD. It rocks!

14. A great historical romance novel or autobiography.

15. An oh-so-nice summer breeze blowing through the house and sleeping with the windows open at night.

16. An all day spa retreat. Preferably at Gould’s in Memphis. The best spa ever!!

17. Philosophy Lemonade scented hand cream. The absolute best ever! No greasiness.

18. A simple strand of pearls.

19. Chic-fil-a chicken salad sandwiches and milk shakes (preferably, chocolate).

20. My digital camera and laptop. I would be lost without them!!

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  1. I love your list!! Mine would probably look a lot like that!! You make me blush're too sweet! That's a big compliment to be in the list with Philosophy!!