Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Much to my disappointment, Alise got in trouble at school yesterday. It seems the three amigos were stripping down to their birthday suit outside on the playground and prancing around in all their glory! Yep! My daughter! Sandy pulled me aside yesterday afternoon to tell me what had happened and why she had to put all three of them in time out yesterday; she said they were just being “curious.” Sandy said Allie started it. And, of course, my daughter follows! So….Wayne called while we were on our way home and I told him what had happened and that we needed to have a talk with Alise when he got home. We made her go get her chair in her room and put it in front of us on the couch. When we asked her why she did it, she said, “’Cause Allie and Emma did it.” So, here we go with the lecture….the lecture about how we keep our clothes on, no one touches our private areas….that we don’t do things just because our friends do them…the whole nine yards. We did not spank her but we told her that this was her warning and if that we heard of her taking her clothes off again, she would definitely get a spanking. Yikes! My daughter is already a stripper!!! This afternoon, when I picked Alise up, I got a few more details about what happened. Apparently, Allie started this Monday and another mother saw her parading around without any clothes on. The mother was extremely upset and the teachers had to call Marian, the director. Sandy told me today that she told Maria about it yesterday also (she told all three girls' mothers) and that Maria told Sandy that it just breaks her (Maria's) heart when they have to put her in time out. Then, with Sandy standing there, Maria told Allie, "Allie, let's go to the store and I'll by you whatever you want and you can go around naked all you want at our house." I was shocked!! More like flabbergasted! Gloria told me today that she asked Allie today (because she stripped down again today) why she kept doing that and Allie replied, "My Mommie let's me do it at home!" So, anyway. That's what has happened at the daycare this week. Everybody seems to be stripping!! Luckily, our little lecture worked and Alise didn't do it again today. I was so glad!!

To make matters worse, I got back from a meeting this morning and had a voice mail message from Grace Episcopal School. They wanted to set up a time for Alise’s entrance assessment. My heart just dropped. One of the best private schools in Monroe wants my daughter, the stripper! What is the world coming to? {Laughing} No, but on a serious note, my heart did drop. I never thought we would get in to Grace because I was told that there were so many students with siblings that would be moving up to PreK-3. I began second-guessing our decision to send her to Good Shepherd this fall. I called Wayne and when I told him that Grace had called, he said, “Oh, no! She took her clothes off again?” {More laughing} I had to explain to him that it was the actual school calling and not the daycare, but he was just as shocked as I was about being accepted. So, I spent the majority of my work day remembering all the things I liked about JGS and why we had decided to sent Alise there. We plan to go ahead with our original plans to put Alise in Good Shepherd. I will call Grace tomorrow and decline Alise's spot.

Wayne and I are reconsidering about going out of town for our anniversary. When we talked about it yesterday, he told me to ask my mom if she wanted to go with us so that someone could watch Alise while we went out to eat. I called Moma to see if she was interested in going with us and she offered to keep Alise for us at her house while we went out of town. We’re thinking about going to Memphis for a few days, but we haven’t made definite plans. We did check on the baseball schedule and the Red Birds aren’t playing that week. So who knows what we’ll end up doing?

Alise is doing pretty good in flip-flops these days. She has worn them to school for two days in a row and kept them on both days, too. And of all pairs, it's a cheap pair that I bought at Payless. The more expensive flip-flops, she seems to have a harder problem keeping on. But we're going to try again. We're also still practicing with the peddeling every day. She still had problems turning and peddeling at the same time so one of us usually has to help her out with that, but I think we've finally decided to get her a bicycle for her birthday.

I am starting a new book tonight by Lisa Whelchel called, "Creative Correction." Wayne bought it for me for Christmas two years ago and I have just never read it. I'll let you know what kind of advise the former actress and ex-Facts of Life star has to say.

I lost - or am loosing - the bid's not over yet - the bid on the Cinderella dress that I posted a few days ago. I put in my max bid and that's as high as I would go. I'm still watching it...just to see how much it ends up going for. I listed two more things last night that I found when I half-way cleaned out Alise's closet and I've already got watchers on it.

Wayne is still working on the house and I am worried sick about him working around those electric lines. He refuses to call the electric company and have the electricity cut while he works. It makes me so mad!! I asked him to remember that he had a three year old daughter and wife next door who didn't want to be left fatherless or husbandless. It doesn't seem to be working. I'm seriously considering calling the electric company myself!

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  1. HA HA HA HA! That was so funny!

    The things they do!

    And shame on that other mother! She better get with the program! Her daughter will be 16 one day! Wow!

    Enjoy your anni away.