Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thursday, April 24, 2008

This is the latest picture of my friend Misty and her six month daughter, Claire. What a GREAT pic! Misty has totally transformed into that "Mother" look. It amazes me how having a baby changes a woman's looks. Friends I know have gone from that "it's all about me" look to that "motherhood" look all in a matter of days! I noticed it for the first time when my friend, Carrie, had her first baby. It just seems that all that pushing during the delivery "transforms" a woman. Maybe it happens when a new mom holds her baby for the first time. Maybe that's part of the "mother instinct" process. Maybe the nurses give you a "it's-time-to-put-your-big-girl-panties-on-and-deal-with-it" pill before you leave the hospital and just call it a "pain pill"? (I really think that's what happened to me!) I really didn't notice it in myself when I had Alise, though. When I look in the mirror, I don't "see" myself as a "mother." Maybe "the look" passed over me! I digress. Anyway, I just think it is amazing how God changes women into the exact person that our children need....not just once, but constantly, every day, all the time. I certainly couldn't do this mother thing without Him!

Last night, Wayne and I decided that it wasn't fair to celebrate our wedding anniversary without Alise, so we decided to go out to eat and take her with us. We went to Chili's and used a gift certificate. She had a blast eating chips and con queso cheese dip! After dinner, we went to Acadamy Sports to look at bicycles for Baby Girl. We finally found the Disney Princess bicycle, but Alise saw another one that she liked better. It was pink and the Princess bicycle was purple. The one she liked was a Huffy brand and was so much cheaper! It was only $23!! The sales clerk went to the back to see if he had one already put together (there wasn't one on display) and while he was gone, I noticed that on the box it said, "no brakes," which really concerned me. Wayne was like, "Laura, this bike is only going to last her two years at the most. She won't need brakes. By the time she gets ready for a bigger bike, then she'll need brakes." No brakes for my Baby? What was he thinking? So, anyway, we opted for the cheaper bike and we'll just dress it up with some of the things that she already has on her her basket, horn and handle bar hangie things. The only other thing we thought we might buy new is a bell to ring. Wayne really wanted to go ahead and get it with Alise standing right there, but I was like, "Have you lost your mind? It's her birthday present!!" So, we both went back today to get it. One thing we can't seem to agree on is whether or not Alise needs a helmet. Wayne says, "Yah!" I say, "Nay!" However, we found a pink and purple one last night with butterflies on it that lit up. Alise fell in love with it. I still say she doesn't need it.

Cousin Brooklyn is coming in this weekend. Misty has a hair show out of state and so she and Michael are going to that while Nana babysits for the weekend. She and my dad are taking Brooklyn and Alise to my Grandma's in Oak Grove for lunch on Saturday. They'll have fun together.

Wayne is worried that his camp is under water. One of his friends from Houston called him today and said that he was pretty sure his camp was a total loss due to the high water of the Mississippi River. So I think Wayne plans to ride over there tomorrow afternoon and have a look. Another one of his friends has an uncle who boated over to the camps last weekend and he said that water was six inches from Wayne's camp. The River supposely crested earlier this week, but I think it is suppose to be raining here again this weekend.

I was the mean mother today and I took Alise back to school. I needed some time to myself to finish cleaning out the middle bedroom and I knew that the only way I would be able to do it is if I had the day to myself. I thought about taking before and after photos of the room, but I didn't want to embarrass myself. Wayne walked in the bedroom this afternoon and said, "Wow!! You can actually walk in here now!" Yes, that's how bad it was! We ended up carying SIX garbage bags of trash to the dump around lunch time. I still only have one bag to give to Goodwill, but Wayne hasn't cleaned out his side of the closet yet. I am so excited about being able to get rid of some stuff. It's amazing what you can accumulate! I also washed about 1,000 loads of laundry today; that is, until the washing machine began leaking. Ugh! We're going to switch it out for the one that was in Bob's house when we bought it. I told Wayne to just shut the door and we would worry about it later. My utility room is a complete disaster area!!

Wayne and I plan to ride the mototcycle for a few hours tomorrow morning. He is on his way right now to get a new inspection sticker for it. We have another carpenter guy at the house next door right now spraying the new utlity room and spare room with texture. Wayne is hoping to paint the first coat on the new sheet rocked areas tomorrow, also. We are SO close to finishing this house!!! Yeah!! One of the little boys in the neighborhood is going to come over after school to begin picking up the yard (it's a mess!). Wayne took back alot of the extra siding supplies that he had left over and got store credit, so that was a saver. Yes, all the vinyl siding is finished except for the outlying eaves of the house. He plans to use metal on the eaves. I might try and walk over later and take some pictures after the texture is on.

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  1. Oh sweet did have that moment of change. I saw it the moment it happened! :)