Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Birthday plans are beginning to come together. I found a vendor on Ebay to print the invitations for Alise’s birthday party next month. In case you are interested (or ever need printing services), the vendor’s name is “All My Love, All My Life” ( Sharon has been so friendly and easy to work with. She’s emailed me a sample draft of the invitation. What do you think? I LOVE them!! I went ahead and paid for the invitations through pay pal last night, but Sharon and I will touch back next week regarding a possible font change. I’m not crazy about this one. I showed them to Alise and much to my surprise, she acted like she could care less (she was in the middle of watching a movie). Well! I think they are perfect!! I also plan on ordering some return address labels from this company, also. As for the cake, I have decided on a cake in the shape of a poodle’s head (to match the party supplies). Yesterday, a friend from work reminded me of Mrs. Sue Cupit who made my wedding cake (thirteen years ago as of this next Tuesday). I had planned to call her when my mom suggested a lady that goes to church with her (and probably lives closer than West Monroe). Mom said she would say something to her on Sunday. So…..? What’s left? Just the ordering of some more pink poodle purses and party plates and we’re ready to party! We’re going to look for a bicycle this weekend in Memphis. I told Wayne that I thought this was going to be the cheapest birthday party we’ve ever had!! I’m not even stressing about it like I normally do!!

Wayne and I are so excited about leaving for Memphis on Saturday! We’ve made a few appointments at Gould’s and we have reservations at The Melting Pot for Saturday night. I am ready to shop and SLEEP!! I hope we can maybe catch a movie, too. We plan to be back on Tuesday afternoon and then it’s “spring cleaning here I come!” My mom and her best friend had a garage sale last weekend and did so well that they are planning on having another in October. So, I’m planning on cleaning out closets and drawers and throwing away or boxing up for the sale. Just some major spring cleaning on the agenda.

Here is the latest picture of the house next door! Wayne has done a great job!! One side finished! Only the gable on the other side to go!!

I picked up Alise from school this afternoon and we headed to the mall for a cookie and icee. I needed to return something at Belk. Of course, she was filthy!! When I got there, she and Mallory were playing with a catapillar on the playground. Yuck! Anyway, I made the mistake of letting her go in Libby Lou's in Belk! Alise went nuts over all the make-up and Hannah Montana stuff. Then, she saw the area where girls can mix and make their own lotions, bubble bath, lipsticks, and facial masks. She begged me to make something with "some glitter in it, Mommie! Pa-leese!!" So...I caved! I let her make her own body lotion (with glitter)! She thought she was something! She sat down at the "beauty table" and wanted the sales clerk to put makeup on her. I had to explain that she wasn't old enough and maybe after her birthday, we might do it. She found some pink poodle lipstick and begged for the Hannah Montana DVD. I was ansy about buying the DVD, but I did anyway because it was rated G. I figured since it was the first one, then maybe it was the "milder" episodes and it would be okay for her to watch.

Then, tonight when Wayne got home, I didn't feel like cooking. I could tell that I was coming down with one of my migraine headaches (still have it) so he suggested that we go get something. Alise was still filthy so I got her in the tub and washed her up. She was begging to put on her new lotion and for a McDonald's hamburger. We ended up going through the drive-thru for her and then on to O'Charley's. The service was absolutely horrible!! Our tea came after our meal - which took forever! Finally, while I finished my salad, Wayne took Alise across the parking lot to Petco to get a new light for her fish aquarium. I met up with them there and as soon as I walked through the door, the smell made my head throb even more. I had to drag them out of there, but I did get a few pics of Alise looking at all the birds in the cage.
The hat idea was Wayne's. He bought that hat for her when she was a baby and for some reason, he pulled it out tonight and apparently Alise was in the mood to wear it. She looked so cute and kept it on for most of the night. We had to explain to her that she couldn't wear it at the table, though. We loved the look!

I probably won't blog tomorrow night because we'll be packing. I've got to pack for us and for Alise. But I do plan on taking my computer to Memphis and charging up my digital camera so come back for a visit for pics from Tennessee.

P.S. I listened to Paul Finebaum today at work through my computer. I think I'm the perfect person as his new sidekick. At least I can name all 12 SEC schools!! (Check out his show at - It cracked me up today!)

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  1. She needs to come and see my "small" petting zoo. :)