Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hello everyone! We are in Memphis, Tennesse sans computer! You knew I couldn't leave home without it!

We are gaving a GREAT time! I've got some "interesting" pics to show you, however, the bad news is that I forgot my cable to my small digital camera and so I have no way of uploading the pictures until we get back home. Visit us again by Wednesday and they should be there.

We went to our favorite restaurant last night, "The Melting Pot." Who would have ever thought that I would get my husband in to a fondue restaurant? He loves it as much as I do, now! We made it here yesterday around 3:30. I say "here," but actually it was Tunica, Mississippi. For some reason, it just seems that you've made it to Memphis once you get to Tunica. We stopped at the outlet mall there to stretch our legs for about an hour and a half and then drove in the rest of the way -about 45 minutes - to Germantown/Cordova. We found our hotel without a problem (How did we end up by the Bass Pro Shop? Just who did make those reservations?) and then crashed for the next two hours before we had to get ready for dinner. To walk off our huge meal, we went to Target where Wayne just insisted I go ahead and get a few bathing suits for our beach trip. I have to admit, they had some really nice ones - and alot cheaper than the malls = but I wasn't in the mood to try on and it's too early in the summer to be looking, anyway. We're debating on whether or not to head downtown this afternoon. We've heard on the local channels that the Crawfish Festival is going on and we're not really interested in that, but Wayne wants to try out the "Steak de Brazil" restaurant tonight. I, on the other hand, have yet to see my Sephora store (I have a list of stuff to get people!) and I have to use my Gymbucks from Gymboree by today, also!

I feel like the worst mother in the world. I haven't even called to check on Baby Girl. I know she's in good hands and as of this writing, she's probably at church with her Nana & Papaw anyway. Wayne can't even believe that I haven't called! I plan to call tonight and see how she is doing.

I'm not sure if I'll update again while we're here, but check back with us in a few days!

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