Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008

Guess what my sweet husband did!! He let me “have” some of his Coke reward points to go on a shopping spree at Sephora. The only catch was, after he “gave” me the points, he discovered that it was for “on-line” shopping only. In other words, I won’t be able to use them next week when we’re in Memphis. Now, I have to tell you what a crazy idea he had! He said, “Next week, just go to Sephora, look around, decide what you want and then come back and use your points to shop.” He doesn’t understand. That’s not any fun!! It’s a make-up store for crying out loud! What woman wants to look at make-up, wait another three days to order it and then another week and a half before she can even use it?!? No, a woman wants to BUY make-up so she can use it as soon as possible!! Now, another catch to all this is if Clemson v. Alabama tickets become redeemable with Coke reward points and Wayne doesn’t have enough to receive tickets because he gave me some for the make-up shopping spree. Oh, well. Guess we won’t be going to Atlanta, then. {Laughing} Maybe Brian will still come through for him.

A few weeks ago, I got a chance to talk to our youth minister’s wife at a birthday party that both our kids attended. She has another daughter who is one and a half. We got to talking about clothes and Ebaying. I told Shelley that I would go through some of Alise’s things and see if I had any play clothes or dresses that I thought Chloe might be able to wear (the seasons really aren’t right because she is a winter baby and Alise was a summer baby, but Chloe is small for her age). I was straightening up Alise’s room yesterday afternoon and I started making piles of fall/winter clothes that I needed to box up and to make room for all the MANY summer clothes I have already bought her. There are a few things that I plan to let Shelley have. But I will say this, I don’t plan on buying Alise any more size 3T’s. They are too short for her or either she is too long waisted. The little pink and white sweater that she had on Saturday, you could see her belly shining through! I think just a plain size 3 is what she needs to be wearing these days. I’ve also noticed, that if it is the cheaper brand clothes from Target, Walmart, or Penny’s, she takes a size bigger, so I’ve been buying 4T’s at those places. Once they’re washed, they fit fine. So, she has already outgrown some of her size 3T clothes that I’ve bought and I plan on giving them to Mirya for Katie when we go to Alabama next month. Alise tells me all the time, “Moma, you can just give that to Katie.” Most of the time, the item still fits and I make her wear it anyway. The child doesn’t need anymore clothes, though. Her closet and drawers are bursting at the seams!! Some things I am saving for our beach trip in the fall. Alise certainly won’t need as many clothes this fall because she’ll be wearing uniforms to school.

On Friday, I had a hair appointment. Rhonda, the girl that does my hair, has a little girl named Gracie that attends a local city school. She is in PreK-4. Rhonda told me that one of the little girls in Gracie’s class told Gracie about a situation with two other older girls. Apparently, these older girls were doing something that they weren’t suppose to be doing. Rhonda found out about it when a child’s mother told her about it because Gracie mentioned it at a birthday party. And now, Gracie has asked Rhonda what s- - is. Are you getting all this?! I sat in the salon chair with foil all over my head and my mouth wide open!! I said, “Rhonda! She’s only 5 years old!!!” She wanted to know what I would do and all I could do was continue to hold my mouth open like a big dumby!! First of all, I don’t want to be one of these parents that walks around with their head in the sand. No matter what school – whether it’s city, public or private – your child goes to, they are going to hear things and if you think your kids aren’t talking about it, then I personally think you’re living in a dream world. I was just shocked in Rhonda’s case because of the age. Every kid that goes to school with Alise is entering her world with all kinds of different backgrounds, different parental discipline (we discovered that last week!) techniques, different attitudes, religion and ways of looking at things. I personally think this all stems from the parents, but regardless, probably not a single one of her friends will be raised the same way she is. Having said that, she will be exposed to more things by the time she’s five years old than I ever thought about at age 13! So what do we do about it? Alise has been asking me lately, “Mommie, do you like me? Are you my friend?” I tell her, “No, Alise, I am not your friend. I am your Mother.” I’m not out to win my daughter over as her friend. I know there are tons of battles to overcome and probably more fights along the way than I even care to think about right now, but the truth is, I am her Mother first and foremost. I want her to feel comfortable asking me questions and I want to be able to give her good answers – even though I am not ready for them yet. Two hints: One, when your child asks you something about s - - , keep your cool and ask them where they heard that word or who told them. Second, someone told me that Lifeway has great book resources for “the birds and the bees” talk. Books that even tell you –based on the age of your child – what they can even fully comprehend at their age and what they really need to know. Alise has not point blank asked me (yet) where babies come from, but just in casual conversation, she can tell you that babies come from God. That’s the truth and that’s all she needs to know right now.

So for all of you who can’t seem to remember how to spell my daughter’s name, don’t feel bad. I can’t spell it, either! Saturday, when we were at Jackson’s party, I was helping Alise make a door hanger for her bedroom. Amy had bought all these foam letters and I don’t know how Alise ended up holding a letter C, but she was and I used it instead of an S for her name. The two of us were so proud of ourselves and when we held the hanger up for Daddy to see, Wayne exclaimed, “That’s Alice! Her name’s not Alice! Why’d you stick a C in it?” I thought I would die. Luckily, there were so many kids that I don’t think anyone heard it. I, on the other hand, felt awful!

Do you see any progress? Yep, that's Wayne! Working around the electrical wires in the dark!

Here is Alise posing in my latest Ebay purchase and what will definitly be her birthday outfit! I got this for $13 brand new!! I am so excited! She looks adorable in it! When she saw the pink poodles and the pink fabric she fell in love. When I took it out of the box, she said, "Oh, Moma!" She did great, by the way, at gymnastics tonight!

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  1. My 9 year old knows this word and has figured things out from observation in the animal world...and he is HOMESCHOOLED! NO ONE tells him these things! We haven't had a TALK!

    And now that both of my boys can read (Eli is at a middle school reading level) and we anatomy and science books around he can read on it. And he has. LOL!

    It is just OUR responsibility to pick the best environment for education for our children and to follow up on all they learn. As long as we take time and make ourselves available we can't go wrong!

    We have to teach our children a healthy respect for sex. The way God meant it to be. :)

    Have fun raising her up mama! Your doing GREAT!