Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Horton's Go to the Dentist

Call us crazy, but we drive about 35 miles to Mangham, Louisiana to go to the dentist. It seems that while Wayne was a swing driver, he became very good friends with Drs. Tim & Jennifer Boles. Now, he insists that we go there for our checkups. I really like Tim & Jennifer, but it just seems a little far to drive to go to the dentist. That's why we usually make appointments when we're both off work. So, today was the day and we decided that it was time that Alise saw the dentist. Here are the pics below from our visit.

Alise was wonderful! First, she watched me have my x-rays and cleaning. She sat right on my lap - while I was laid back in the chair - and watched the entire thing! Then, it was her turn. The hygentist, Misty, counted all her teeth. Then she "cleaned" them with pink toothpaste. Then, Dr. Jennifer came around and counted all her tooffies and said that Alise had "beautiful" teeth. As a mother - who works at a hospital - you don't know how relieved I was to hear that! I hear about Dr. "S's" little patients that come through surgery for dental work and I just cringe - hoping and praying that Alise never has to be put to sleep for dental work! So, when she said that, it was music to my ears!! Next, it was time for prizes and stickers! We asked Alise later if she had a good time at the dentist and she said she liked Dr. Boles. We were very glad. I don't ever want her to be afraid of the dentist or have a bad experience like I did. Unfortunately, the older I get the more I dread going to the dentist. I still have two cavaties that need to be fixed so much to my chargin, I went ahead and made an appointment to have them re-filled. Yuck! (I told Alise that I had two boh-boh's on my teeth). She really didn't understand. Oh well.

I've been cleaning like crazy! I managed to clean out our bedroom and bathroom drawers and closests yesterday. Today, it was Alise's turn. I chunked a bunch of stuff. So far, I have a huge back for goodwill, and two huge bags of trash - along with a pile of junk for Ebay and the fall garage sale. Here is a pic of Alise's closet. You'll probably say, "What a mess!", but you just don't understand. You can actually see the bottom of her closet now and that is such a relief! Before, you couldn't even open the door without something either falling or jumping out at you! Happy cleaning!!

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