Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday, April 25, 2008

First of all, let me give a shout-out to my homie, Amie Jones!! Bless her heart! The crazy things I ask her about!! Amie very discreetly let me know what a MORON I am! Wednesday night, I told her that I was having problems with my tool bar on my blogger. I could no longer choose colors, the size of the font, etc. (and I haven't been able to in over a year). I thought it had to do with the changing of my template about a year ago. We searched and searched...including using the "help" option. Come to find out, this crazy girl was using the "Edit Html" tab instead of the "Compose" tab on the create post option! Ugh!! Amie even ASKED me was I sure that I was on the "compose" tab. I said, "Uh-huh! Yeah! Sure!" (I didn't know what she was talking about. Now she knows I really am retarded - at least with computers!) Thanks, Amie! Love ya!!

Second, please remember Mirya's mom in your prayers. Her mom is back in the hospital and the family is considering the thought of a nursing home for Ms. Jerri. You can read all about it on Mirya's blog. Ms. Jerri has been sick ever since about a week before Christmas and has been in and out of the hospital and rehab facility. I know the whole family is tired and would just like to have their mom back and healthy again. Please pray for her recovery and strength for Mirya's family.

Last night, Alise and I went to my mom and dad's to get some boxes to put some things in for the October garage sale (I filled up three boxes!!). Michael and Brooklyn were there and, of course, Alise wanted to stay. But they were sitting down to eat supper, so I was finally able to convince her we needed to go home by asking if Brooklyn could come to our house later. Nana said yes, so around 7:15, Cousin Brooklyn showed up and the two of them were inseperable! I wish I had gotten my movie camera out! They swung, slid, rode bikes and three wheelers and turned flips on the swing set bar. They cracked me, mom, dad and Wayne up! We laughed and laughed at them. Finally, the mosquitos were about to take us off and the girls were ready to go inside. After a while, Nana & Papaw said it was time to go home. Alise was devestated. Nana asked her if she would like to come spend the night at her house with Brooklyn Friday night. That cheered her up. I told her if she was good at school today and minded her manners, that I would let her go. She woke up this morning so excited!! So after Wayne and I picked her up at school, we came home, packed her bag and headed to Nana & Papaw's. We ate pizza for supper and then the girls played outside riding their bikes and tricycles until nearly dark.

Yes, I have turned into "Mrs. Manners" at our house. You would think after all the times I have had to harp on Alise to say, "Thank you" and "Please" that it would finally start sinking in. Wrong. She has gotten better with "thanks" and "please," but if you say something and she doesn't hear you, she says, "What?" Let me just say, "I CAN'T STAND THAT!!!!" So, we're trying to teach her, "Ma'am?" and "Sir?" I still have to prompt her by saying, "What do you say?" Ugh! Does it ever just come naturally? I have to tell you, though, that her prayers are beginning to get a little funny. She thanks God for everybody these days, including "Aunt Donna and Uncle Steve" and "Ms. Leigh." She said something the other night and Wayne and I had to try our best to keep a straight face, but after we walked out of her room, we died laughing. For the life of me, I can't remember what it is right this minute.

Wayne and I went tootaling on the motorcycle this afternoon for about two hours. We had fun, but it's been so long since I've rode that my butt and thighs got very sore. We had to stop a few times so I could stretch. We ended up in Sterlington. Wayne got sunburned a little but can you believe that I didn't? As white as I am?

After we left Moma & Daddy's tonight, Wayne and I went looking for houses and land. A co-worker told me that he and his family live in Start and that they love it out there. Scott told me that they were building some new house a few miles from the interstate. We didn't see any houses for sale, but we found some land we liked. The bad thing is that there weren't any trees on the land. Then, we went and checked out a house in Brook Orchard subdivision. We were just driving by and this house is still under construction. I fell in love with the house! So much cabinet space and room!!! The house was huge! Of course, the house was probably going for a cool $450,000, but I told Wayne that I could settle for a smaller version. I wasn't wild about that neighborhood, anyway.Wayne and I have both agreed to get up early in the morning and begin working on our flower beds. We are going to plant dark purple salvia around our crepe myrtles and lavender periwinkles around the salvia in the curved areas of our beds. We're also going to bed with pine straw. I'll take and post some pictures when we finish.

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