Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Calling all NKOTB Fans!!

Okay. I just had to post this! Can you believe they are getting back together? This is the first picture of all of them together in 15 years!! They are still the HOTTEST BOY BAND EVER!!! Age has served them well! Little Joey is 35! Jordan is still my favorite. They are suppose to announce their tour plans Friday morning on The Today Show! I'm SO excited!!

Two more things.

Wayne just started a movie - "I am Legend - and there were previews for "The Lost Boys - The Tribe." Talk about '80's!! Carrie and I use to watch "The Lost Boys" all the time! We loved Corey Feildman and Corey Haim. Remember Corey Haim singing in the bathtub! So funny! Oh, yeah! And Kiefer Sutherland was in it, too, but I was never a big fan of his. I think that was his break-out movie! Also, on the previews, I thought I saw Chris Daughtry!! Someone find out about that one for me!

Photobucket Sorry. I just had to put that on there.

Number two. Go to and google "Charlie bit my finger - again." IT IS HILLARIOUS!!! You will be rolling on the floor! I died laughing! My boss told me about it today, but I couldn't put it on my blog because I was having problems trying to broadcast it. I promise, you will laugh your head off!


  1. Jordan Knight was always my favorite. Man they are still gorgeous even today! Saw them on The Today Show (NBC) this morning. They are suppose to be back on there May 16th. I put it on my blog along with some video & NKOTB playlist. tehe!

  2. I was all about Mr. Joey! Hee hee...I still have a black silk banner with them on it. Bet I could get some Money for that now! Ha ha!

    Matthew also watched that movie and I saw the lost boy preview! I just hope it doesn't suck with the new spin on it. That was the BEST movie ever!

    "Charlie bit me" Hee hee! CUTE!

  3. i always had a HUGE crush on joey when my sister collected them!