Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday, April 7, 2008

Just for the record, I wanted to let everyone know why I decided to set up this blog and why I enjoy writing (blogging) here on our web-site so much. First of all, I’ve always been a writer. Growing up, I had diaries that I wrote about the days events and just my thoughts and feelings in general. I still have my old high school diaries. They were nothing more than small spiral notebooks, but in them were the tapestries that held the secrets of some of the best years of my life. Ever so often (when I’m cleaning out my desk), I pick one up and start reading and it’s amazing the things and people you have forgotten! The writing lulled in the college years and during the first years that Wayne and I were married. But when we found out that I was expecting nearly four years ago, I once again picked up the pen and paper. Only, this time, the pen and paper came in the shape of a little laptop called a computer. I recorded every doctor visit, every anxious feeling of becoming a first time mother, and everything I ate up until Baby Girl arrived. I even remember typing all the delivery details while she slept beside me on the couch in her “moses basket.” And why? For her. I want Alise to know everything I feel (or felt) about her from beginning to end so that she never doubts for one single moment that she is not loved or wanted. One day, hopefully, she will have this to look back on (but knowing my luck, something will come along and replace the internet) and never question how her daddy and I raised her or whether or not she did certain things. She’ll see the pictures and the words of love and think, “I really did that?...I really said that?...I use to look like that?” It’s just an electronic version of a baby book, is all. And we have shared our lives with you – our extended internet family – because most of you would never know about Alise’s life if it wasn’t recorded here. Now, you can watch her grow! We have family from Alabama and Mississippi that catch up with us through our web-site; we have friends in California, Oklahoma, and Texas that check in on us from time to time; and we have dear friends – who live right here in Monroe – that stop to read (and laugh with us) every now and then. So, to me, it’s the best thing in the world and I just like hanging out here! And all that with the click of a mouse! Who would have ever thought?

Okay. I’ve put the tissue away. Enough sappy sentiments for the day.

Alise had an old friend to return today. Our old friend, the turtle (who now has a new name of "Franklin" from the cartoon), stopped by while Wayne was working on the house next door. He called me at work about it and I persuaded him to put it in a box so that Alise could see it when we got home from gymnastics. She was head over heels in love with this turtle. She followed him all around the yard until he finally started across the road toward the woods. She made Wayne "bring him back" into the yard a couple of times until we finally convinced her that he was hungry and needed to go find some food. Here are a few pics from all of our excitement this afternoon(you can look at April 2007 for pics from this time last year when "Franklin" visited us):

Also, I've included before and after pics of the house next door from our kitchen door looking across the yard. The first was taken this morning.:
This pic was taken this evening when we got home. Can you tell Wayne made any progress today? He is doing such a great job! Lord, please help us sell this house!!

Wayne and I are watching the NCAA National Championship game. We're pulling for Memphis.

I'm at it again. I'm ebaying. Selling and looking. Look what I'm winning so far:
Alise will die!!

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  1. Franklin is cute, for a turtle. We have a garden lizard that visits us from time to time. He doesn't have a name yet.

    I like the dress. I'm watching a mermaid outfit for Katie on eBay.