Sunday, April 06, 2008

Allison's Baby Shower

As promised, here are pics from Allison's baby shower. She had a really nice shower...lots of nice gifts and things for Baby Robinson to wear. Alise was excited that she had gotten the baby her first baby doll! She and Molly didn't last long, though, watching Allison open presents! They were much happier outside! All the food was wonderful and the cake was good, too! Chad and Allison had a car load of goodies to take home and "play" with tonight.

I had promised Alise that if she was good at the shower that I would let her have a popsicle when we got home. Well, she remembered and I kept my promise. She was absolutely COVERED in pink push up this afternoon. I knew I probably shouldn't let her have it since it was so close to supper time, but she made a "happy plate" tonight for supper, too. Poor thing must have been really hungry!! We also planted two of our four plants in one of our two pots. Wayne had a small amount of potting soil left over from a few weeks ago, so I was able to finish using up that. However, I need to get some more before we plant the other two plants. Alise loved getting to water them with her Mermaid watering can! Maybe God will bless her with a green thumb because he sure didn't bless her momma!

Alise has changed her mind about where she wants to have her birthday party. Her birthday is something that we talk about everyday. Well, she told me that she wanted to have it at the same place that Allie had her party...the Children's Museum. Ugh! So when I mentioned to her that we could have a jumping house at her party if we had it at our church playground and we couldn't at the museum, she relented and said okay. But she did tell me that she wanted a pink princess jumping house! Ugh! I can't find the place online where I found her party invitations a few months ago, so I don't know what I am going to do. I ordered some pink poodle address labels for her on February 2nd and the only reason I know that date so well, is that I've been getting the run-around about the labels and I STILL don't have them! I had thought about ordering invitations from them. Not now.

Moses is dead. I was always a fan of Charleston Heston.

Have a good week!

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