Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wayne and I can't decide what we want to do this weekend. We're both off on Friday and would love to go out of town. We considered going to Alabama and letting the girls spend Easter together, but that means that we would have to come home on Sunday and be at work on Monday. We called Doug & Mirya anyway, and they said to come on over! We thought about going to Jackson. I've thought about Memphis. The fact is, we haven't decided yet. We'll probably just end up staying home. I had promised Alise if she was good, I would take her to the zoo on Friday. I guess I need to keep my promise. I'm sure Wayne will end up being tied to the house next door this weekend again.

I thought I would post some more pictures from our "field trip" to the gardens on Sunday. Here goes:

Can you tell the dress was itching her?

After I picked up Baby Girl from school today, I took her to Fantastic Sam's to get her hair trimmed. I really wanted to get it cut in s short bob and I was about "this" close from doing it, but I knew Wayne would be so mad at me. We almost didn't get it cut at all because Alise wigged out and wouldn't let the girl even touch her. I had to end up letting her sit in my lap and get hair all over both of us because she wouldn't even wear a cape. I ended up just getting her bangs trimmed an and inch cut off the back. You can barely tell. Wayne hasn't even noticed and he blow-dried her hair tonight!

Aunt Donna and Uncle Steve came over tonight for a short visit. Alise tried hiding from them. She was bashful and I think the cat got her tongue. She finally started talking a little more when they got ready to leave. She hasn't seen them in SO long!

Another birthday invitation! This one is from Alise's church friend, Josie Henkel. The party is not this Saturday, but the next.

My Grandmother is out of the hospital. She is back in the nursing home, is still in a cast from about right above the knee to her foot.

Thank goodness tomorrow is the last day of the work week for all of us!

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