Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I thought I would post some pics of Baby Girl since I haven't posted any in about what? A week? {Laughing} Here she is picking "flowers" in my much attention needed flower beds (Does anyone know a good landscaper?).
Get a load of this get-up! Yes, this was our daycare outfit today minus the ladybug boots. Oh, and we haven't practiced the "lady-like" body language yet, either.
I forgot her snack for the way home, so she had to eat Ritz Crackers when we got home (by then, it was too close to supper time). She's in to the posing these days.
Another picture of the outfit.Alise is enjoying the longer days. Of course, we didn't get to take advantage of them yesterday because of gymnastics, but she couldn't wait to get home tonight and play outside. She loves her Dora watering can and insists on watering flowers that we don't actually have. I had been meaning to plant pansies in my two huge pots beside the front door, but I just never got around to it. Looks like it will have to be some type of spring or summer flower. Anyway, that's how she ended up seeing the flowers (weeds?) in the flower beds. She came running in the house hollering, "Mommie, I found some flowers!!" Sorry, but we still haven't found the other cord to upload the circus pictures from our other camera.

Alise's gymnastics teacher, Ms. SueAnn, threw her back out yesterday, so her husband, Mr. Richey, was her sub. He seemed to be very interested in Alise, but she is probably the oldest in her class. Luckily, he was able to get her to do things when she would have rather played. He couldn't believe that she could do a roll and skin the cat over the bars all by herself without any helping. I barely had time to spot her before she had flipped over! Next week, she has an egg hunt in the gym with her class, so she'll love that! Hopefully, Ms. SueAnn will be feeling better! We just love her (and Mr. Richey, too)!

We got Addison's birthday invitation in the mail today. Oh, my goodness, it's a skating party!! I say, "oh, my goodness" because I sure hope I don't have to put a pair of skates on!!!! Ugh! Alise has never skated before in her life, so I know she will want to try it, and knowing my luck, she will fall utterly in love and our sweet, little, pink poodle party will be out the window! That would just literally break my heart. Anyway, the party is this Sunday afternoon at our local skating rink. I think Tiffany and Clint have rented out the entire rink for a few hours, so it shouldn't be that crowded or have alot of people there that we don't know. I'll let you know about the skating.

Nana called Alise tonight to find out about the circus. She was in the bathtub at the time, so I had her call her Nana back after she got out. I heard her rattle off all the animals she heard and then I heard her say, "Those elephants were stinky, Nana!" I cracked up laughing!

I wanted to share some pics of some birthday cakes that I've found on the internet. I kinda like the layered cake look, but I'm not sure if this is the party for that. The sheet cake is nice, too. I like the design of the blue cake.

Here it is in pink. I don't like the bow on top.
The sheet cake.

Sorry, but I thought American Idol was a complete joke tonight. I thought Chekezie was the best and he's not even one of my favorites. Somebody PLEASE do something with Amanda's hair. Obviously the roommating between Carley and Amanda has worn off because they sounded just alike to me. Brooke has GOT to get out from behind her instruments. I think she's scared to perform. Ugh! I just thought the whole thing was awful! Somebody please let me know who gets voted off.


  1. I thought Brooke did GREAT tonight! She was really the only one. The rocker David was good, and the Aussie guy was decent too...we'll see!

  2. Sorry. there's just something about Brooke that I don't like. I think it's her voice. I don't like that raspy "Carly Simon" voice. Ever since she sang "Your So Vain" I hear nothing from her but Carly Simon!

  3. I love the cakes! Are you going to do Alise's birthday cake or are you going to have someone else do it?

    My Mom's went back to the hospital, so I missed AI. I hope to watch the DVR & see what happened. I'm like you, I don't much care for Brooke and she is too much like Carly Simon. I thought the 70s were over. Peace out!

  4. Oh, no! I won't be making any birthday cakes!! I read your blog and our prayers & thoughts are with you! Hang in there!

  5. She is so pretty! Have you decided on a cake? My 9 year old is now into baking. :)