Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I went to Belk at lunch to look for a slip to go under Alise's Easter dress to prevent any complaining on Easter morning. I also needed to take back a shirt I had gotten Wayne for Christmas that was the wrong size. I know, but it has been riding around in my car with me for three months and I still had the receipt. They honored the refund. Anyway, of course, since I was in the toddler section looking for the slip, I had to look at everything else in her section. Cute outfits and clothes. Cute pajamas. I found a two piece seer-sucker capri outfit on sale that was mostly yellow with a mermaid on the front. When I showed it to Alise this afternoon, she loved it. She kept calling the mermaid, "Ariel." I ran into a problem with my debit card and had to end up going to customer service to check out. On my way there, I passed the women's section and saw a ton of cute sale stuff that I would have liked to try on, but I just didn't have the time on my lunch break. Wayne was kind enough tonight to keep Baby Girl (put her to bed) while I ran back out to Belk for about an hour before they closed. I really hoped to find an Easter dress, but no luck. For some reason, I had my heart set on blue and I just couldn't find one I liked. I did find a new pair of off-white strappy dress sandals to wear with my three year old Easter dress. I also found a very nice two piece linen capri outfit and I got two pairs of casual capris for this summer. Do you know how long it's been since I bought anything for myself? Alise gets it all! Mirya - I did pass the swimsuit section with one eye open and one eye shut. I just didn't have the heart to even begin looking for one! Maybe we'll catch good deals at the end of the summer when we've lost all our weight.

Whoo-hoo! No work tomorrow! No school tomorrow! Alise is SO excited! We call the weekends "play days" so most mornings she gets up asking me if today is a play day? This morning, she told me, I want today to be a play day, Mommie! Sorry. Just one more day, Baby Girl. Wayne and I are still planning on taking her to the zoo tomorrow. She has been so good all week except for a few near misses at the salon yesterday and tonight when she found out I was leaving and she couldn't go with me.

I called Good Shepherd - Alise's school this fall - today to ask what documents I needed to bring with me today when I came to pay her tuition. The secretary told me that school was letting out at noon today and that I would need to come by next Tuesday to pay and fill out some paperwork. I'll need a copy of her birth certificate (my moma has), a copy of her social security card (I have), and a copy of her shot record (Kelly is getting this for me). Just an FYI when you get ready to register your child...make sure you have all the documents!

Linda has almost convinced me to take Alise back to the gardens on Saturday for more pics. She thinks now that I have the slip, Alise won't be bothered by the itching and might just want to cooperate this go-around. We'll see. I'm not really up for another drop dead dog fight with her over pictures. But maybe she'll remember how much she hacked me off last Sunday enough to reconsider pulling something like that again. I don't know...I think I'll ask her first before I drive all the way into town again.

Of all the things for Alise to ask for from the Easter Bunny, she wants a blue balloon. Last Saturday, she got one at Allie's birthday party. We stopped at Fox's Pizza that night on the way home from supper and as I was getting her out of the truck, the balloon escaped and went floating off. Oh, yeah, well, that was a meltdown moment, too. So, all I've heard all week is how she wants another balloon like the one "moma let go." So, sometime between now and Easter morning, I've got to get "101 Dalmatians" and a blue balloon!

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