Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bad news. I don't think we're going to make it to the movies this weekend. Our entire weekend is SLAMMED!! When I got to Alise's school, there was a birthday party invitation in her locker. It was from Allie. My first thought was, "Oh, no, I hope it's not the same time as Addison's." Luckily, it's Saturday evening at 5:30. So.....we've got the church Easter egg Saturday morning, Allie's party at the Children's Museum that afternoon, church on Sunday, pictures at the Biedenharn Gardens Sunday afternoon and Addison's party at 4:30! Man! We've got a busy weekend!

I've been trying to talk Alise into getting her haircut. A few weeks ago, she was all for it. She was the one telling me she wanted to get her hair cut. Anyway, she won't hear of it now. I would like to cut it in a short bob for summer, but Wayne insists on keeping it long. Whatever happens, she definitly needs her bangs trimmed. I meant to ask my mom to do it last weekend. I would also like to get about half an inch - just the dead ends - cut off because her hair really grew after the last trim we had in January. Her hair is so long that her little pony tails aren't as cute as they use to be because her hair is too long.

I finally found the green St. Patrick's Day t-shirt I bought at Old Navy about a month ago for $5. I have searched the car and house over looking for that t-shirt. Baby Girl wore it to school today and she looked so cute! I haven't started letting her wear shorts to school yet because there is still that little nip in the air. So I've been having to "piece" outfits together using winter pants and spring shirts. Don't ask.

Michael, Misty, and Brooklyn are coming in town the weekend after Easter. I talked to my mom about postponing our family Easter to the weekend that they are in town. The girl cousins could hunt eggs and play outside. Watch it rain.

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  1. Ha it rain. Ya know, I think it has rained every Easter since we have lived here!

    Enjoy your BUSY weekend!

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