Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Please forgive me. I know I promised circus pics, but the better ones were taken with out bigger Nikon camera and I can't find the cord to upload the pics to the computer. Wayne is busy right now and I don't have the heart to ask him to help, so anyway. I'll try and post them later in the week. I never really did get a good picture of Alise. I wanted so much to capture her amazement on camera, but Wayne's big head was in the way (she sat in his lap), so that idea didn't turn out, either. The circus was wonderful! I thought it was so much better than last year! So many new acts. I ended up sitting beside my kindegarten teacher, Mrs. Middleton (she now teaches kindegarten at River Oaks and I SO want her to teach Alise!). Her daughter, Nikki, and I are good friends and she shouted out to us as we were trying to find a seat, so we ended up sitting with her family. Alise just thought the whole thing was amazing and it was such a blessing to be able to see her surprise through her eyes. She was great during the whole thing...snacking on junk I had packed away in a bag (Nikki probably thought we were the cheapest folks because we brought Alise's light up flashlight from last year and packed a ton of snacks right down to the juice boxes. We didn't buy any extras (except for a $7 picture of Alise on one of the ponies during intermission). She got ansy near the end, but unlike last year, we made it through the whole thing! My only complaint was that it was so hot!! I think we all over dressed for the occassion. After the circus, we went to TCBY and got ice-cream. Alise picked out - what else? The flavor "cotton candy." Because it was "pink" she said. Too funny!

I tried something new for lunch today after church. It's a frozen entree that's got everything you need right in the bag! How easy is that? The brand is Culinary Delights and you can find the entree bags in the frozen section of your grocery store. The one we tried today was the shrimp and sausage jambalaya. It was so good and so easy! The other kinds they have are chicken stir fry and shrimp and sausage gumbo. Let me know if you try one of these.

The time change is killing us. We all managed to get a quick nap before circus time, but Alise was not in the best of moods prior to getting there and it all has to do with looosing an hour of sleep, I'm sure. Her ear is draining again, so that probably doesn't help her feel any better. I'm not in favor of "springing forward." I much prefer "falling back." Wayne, on the other hand, loves it and I can understand why. It makes him feel good to know that he still sees "daylight" when he gets home at night.

I'm still Ebaying. Not buying, but selling. I'm listing three more items tonight and I have two to mail out tomorrow. Actually, I have a ton of stuff to mail out tomorrow. I took advantage of 4-easy pays on QVC on February 29th to try new Philosophy products. I am sending the Splendor shampoo and the the "bootcamp set" back. I simply wasn't impressed enough to pay for them.

Alise is in love with the movie, "The Little Rascals." We watch it all the time these days. I am so glad that she is beginning to enjoy other movies besides the animated ones, but for the life of me, I can't think of any other descent movies that she would enjoy. My parents have "Dennis the Menace" and so I might suggest they let her watch that one when she goes to visit. It is hilarious! I still need to get "The 101 Dalmatians" for her for Easter and Wayne has promised that we are all going to see "Horton Hears a Who" next weekend. I hope she enjoys going to the movies as much as I do.

Wayne just informed me that we all have dentist appointments scheduled for the week he and I are off in April (for our anniversary). Ugh! Man, I'm not looking forward to the whole dentist thing! I so hope that Baby Girl is blessed with good teeth like her daddy. Ruth swears it's because she drank milk the whole time she was pregnant with him. Well, I drank my share of milk, too, especially those early mornings when I woke up hungry and scarfed down a half of a PB&J sandwich and about half a glass of milk! I can't remember how many times I pulled that one off!

Have a good week! We're headed to gymnastics tomorrow night and we'll keep trying to get use to this new time change!

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  1. Katie likes to watch: "Mary Poppins," "Little Princess," "Beethoven," "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory" and then there is always "The Wizard of Oz." tehe! Hope this list helps you out. I'm glad Katie doesn't always stick to animated movies as well.

    Katie's new favorite is "Pocahontas" and "101 Dalmatians."

    I'm so glad she had such a good time at the circus.