Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sunday, March 30, 2008

PhotobucketI forgot to give my movie review on "The Other Boleyn Girl" (as if you probably even care). Leigh and I finally had the chance to see it last Saturday. I can't tell you how thrilled we both were when the manager of Tinsel Town emailed Leigh back and told her that the movie would be showing Easter weekend. We couldn't get to the theater fast enough. You don't necessarily have to have read the book to see the movie, nor do you have to be a history buff. However, the author, Phillipa Gregory, was quoted as saying that she tried to stay as true to history, but with maybe a few embellishments. So I, for one, believe that the book and movie are nearly as true to accurate. There were a few scenes that weren't in the book and even a few scenes that left Leigh and I trying to remember if they were in the book or not. Regardless of all this, if you know anything about English History or Anne Boleyn, then you already know how the movie ends. Wayne couldn't understand why we still wanted to see it. "You already know what is going to happen," he said. So what. It was a great that I would see again and encourage anyone - who loves historical romance like I do - to see it. This movie was worth the matinee price! Both actresses (the spelling of their names escape me...) were wonderful and even the actor who played Henry VIII was very handsome! Hollywood got it right in my book! Two thumbs up!

Now, I have another movie review. While Wayne was working on the house next door until late Saturday night, I watched a movie that I thought a friend had recommended called, "Atonement." I emailed this friend during the middle of the movie and said, "Help! I don't understand." The whole thing skips like chapters in a book and left me so confused. However, after watching the "behind the scenes" parts, I realize that this might be a novel that I would like to read....someday. The story revolves around history, too...WWII. Bottom line: I wouldn't rent it.

Happy Birthday Josie! We went to Josie's birthday party yesterday afternoon. She had a "Hello Kitty" birthday party at her house and Alise had a ball! She loved Ms. Rachel's homemade cupcakes and icing with sprinkles! The girls made the prettiest bracelets with their names. The nice thing about the party was that I got to visit with church friends that I don't normally get to visit with. We had a great time at the party!

After the party, it was on to Nana & Papaw's house to see and spend time with Cousin Brooklyn. I couldn't drive fast enough for Alise! The two had such a great time playing outside with the big balls and bubbles. They chased one another and after supper, they worked puzzles with Nana at the coffee table.Alise loves her Cousin! So much that she began to have a meltdown when it was time to go. Of course, she hadn't had a nap yesterday and she wanted so badly to stay at Nana's and spend the night with Brooklyn. I was the mean mother and said no because we had missed church last Sunday. I paid for it! It was melt down city until she finally gave it up as soon as her head hit the pillow. Michael and Brooklyn left before we got out of church, so she was even more disappointed when we ate lunch at Nana & Papaw's and there was no Brooklyn. Nana and Papaw both said that they wished they had just insisted that Alise stay the night. Oh, well. I think they are going to get Brooklyn for vacation bible school at their church, which is the weekend of Alise's birthday, so they'll have a whole week to spend together in another month or two. We love Cousin Brooklyn and her sassy self!! You can catch a few new pics on the left hand side of our blog.

This afternoon, we had a slow drizzling rain that was just enough for all the pollen in the air. It was nice. We need a good rain. After Alise and I woke up from our nap, we watched movies. I put a roast in the crock pot. Wayne worked outside all afternoon -in the rain - on the house next door. Still putting up vinyl siding. I'll try to post a picture later in the week on his progress. The back side (the last pic I posted) is nearly complete and he is about ready to begin the side that faces our house (the ugly side of that house). It's going to be a little more cumbersome because he'll have to get the electricity shut off to work around the meter box. Lord, please let this be over soon! The neighbors that live on the other street (behind that house) caught Wayne out in the yard last week and said that their daughter is looking for a house - she is in pharmacy school. I was like, "Did you quote them a price?" He didn't and they didn't ask for a price, so he said. Anyway. Maybe their waiting until we spend all our money fixing it up to decide if they want it. (Wayne said that they did come over and look at the inside.) We'll see.

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  1. Yay, you saw your film! There are so many things I want to see, but finding care for the kids is so hard. *sigh*

    I see there was lots of cousin fun...I know that week will be exciting for them both. :)

    I can't wait to see new house pics. :)