Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My child is destined to never have an Easter egg hunt. That is, at our church. It stormed here last night. I'm talking thundering, lightening, and maybe even hail. Luckily, we moved Wayne's truck under the awning of the church next door and quickly cleaned off the carport to get my car under it. So, now, the sun is out, but the ground is sopping wet. Ugh! So disappointing. I knew I should have never showed Alise the cute blue and white polka dot bubble with the white bunnies last night before she went to bed. Thank goodness I only paid $7 for it off Ebay! That's two Easter egg hunting outfits in two years out the window!! More to come later.

I am so glad that I chatted with Leigh online this morning. She convinced me to go ahead and take Alise to the Easter egg hunt at our church. Even if I had to put her in her red ladybug boots!!{Laughing} The whole time I was in the shower, I was thinking, what in the world kind of shoes am I going to put on her that will even look halfway descent with her blue bunny outfit? It finally hit me that she could wear her new crocs. Okay. Shoe problem solved so off we head to the church. Alise had a wonderful time!! She rode the ponies by herself (with me walking beside her) and Becca got her onstage during the puppet show! She was a hit dancing and clapping in front of everyone. When it was time for her age group to hunt eggs, Alise started out only putting the pink eggs in her basket. Everyone that was standing close by got a kick out of that! Finally, I convinced her to pick other eggs beside just the pink ones. She had a basket full!!! She jumped in all the jumping houses and rode the "train" twice. By that time, it had warmed up quite a bit and we were both exhausted. We had lunch at McDonald's and then headed home for a much needed nap! Thanks, Leigh for being right and telling me that the hunt would go on!

Nana and Papaw came over this afternoon. Nana bought Alise an inexpensive white hat for Easter and she put purple ribbon around the rim. She wanted to try it on Baby Girl and to see if I liked the ribbon. We all stayed outside for a while talking and playing until it was time to get ready for Allie's party.

Happy Birthday Allie!! I have never seen three little girls have so much fun and be so crazy about one another! Allie's party at the Children't Museum was a hit! So many neat and interesting things to do there. They chased each other all over that place! They had pizza and Maria made chocolate and strawberry cupcakes. There were TONS of presents to open and of course, Alise had to help her best friend (much to my disagreement). She got two pairs of the cutest silver and pink sparkly flip flops from a children's shop in Ruston. (Anybody up for a road trip to Ruston?) I'll post all the pictures from our weekend tomorrow (I bought another cable at Target last night).

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