Saturday, March 01, 2008

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy March!!

We slept late this morning. Even Baby Girl nearly slept until 9:00! After breakfast, we started getting ready for our picture for the church directory. Just call us the "red Bama family." We were all wearing red and white (This will come up again in our day a little later. More on that below). I did not end up ordering any pictures except the free one that we got. They were good, but I'm saving my money for Alise's three year old portrait that will be coming up in a few months. We took seperate cars to church because Wayne needed to go to Home Depot and Alise and I went to the hospital to see my Grandmother. She is doing good, but is scheduled to have surgery on her foot again on Tuesday. I'll have to call my mom to find out exactly why. All Grandma could tell me was that she would be in a cast after the surgery on Tuesday. We couldn't stay long at the hospital; the nurse said only about twenty minutes. That was good, though, because Alise was ready to go. She wasn't interested in Grandma's hospital room. After we left the hospital, we went to the Children's Shop because I needed to get new bows (Mirya, I got two BIG bows to try on Alise. Holding them up to her head, I couldn't tell if they were too big or not). Alise played so sweetly in the playroom area while I shopped and fell in love with every dress I could find (This was the store that I had seen the Anita G. brand clothes in, but I couldn't find them today. They must have went pretty quick!). After we left the store, I took her to McDonald's for lunch and that's where the Alabama story comes in.

Alise still had on her red jumper with the monogram "A" on the front and she was sitting on the counter at McDonald's as we were waiting for our happy meals. There was an older gentleman and his wife standing beside us to place their order. I noticed her red hounds tooth purse, but didn't think much of it (You don't see those kinds of things around here that much!). Suddenly, the woman caught my attention and said, "Are ya'll big Alabama fans?" I thought the question was strange, but I said, "Yes, ma'am, we love Alabama! How did you know?" (and as soon as I asked, I realized that Alise and I were both wearing red!). She said, "We saw the Alabama license plate in the parking lot and her dress has an "A" on it." I said, laughing, "Oh, well, her name is actually Alise, so that's the reason for the A. Where are ya'll from?" They told me that they were from Madison (now, correct me if I'm wrong, you Alabama people...). I made a strange face because I had never heard of it and I think they told me that it was about 75 miles south of Birmingham. I'm not sure if I heard that right or not. The couple ended up sitting close to us while we ate, but not close enough to really carry on a conversation, so when Alise and I got ready to leave, we walked over to chat a few more minutes. I never got the couple's name, but she grew up in West Monroe and they were back in town this weekend to celebrate her only living aunt's 90th birthday. We talked about the games - they had gone to the Florida game last year and were hoping to get tickets to the Clemson game this year. Of course, I had to tell her that we were hoping to get Clemson tickets, too. We wished them a safe trip home and said good-bye to our new Alabama friends.

When we got home, I knew there was no use trying to get Alise to take a nap since she slept so late. She donned her lady bug rubber boots and we spent the rest of the afternoon outside. The plumber showed up to work on the house next door, so Wayne was tied up the rest of the afternoon with him and getting ready for the A/C guy to come out next week. We are so close to finishing the house!

Here are some pics from our afternoon.

And here are pictures of Baby Girl last night before we left to go to the mall (and her eventual meltdown).

I went to Target later this evening for a while. I ended up finding Alise an inexpensive pair of white church shoes for her to wear for Easter. I didn't want to spend alot of money because I knew that she didn't wear them for very long last year. She ended up wearing sandals mostly to church. I also ended up getting alot of things for her Easter basket, as well as the movie, Routoullie. It was on sale for $10. I got her a sundress that looked real "Eastery" and that I knew she could wear to school and a cute pair of brown sandals that have a slight wedge heel. She'll be stylin' for sure!


  1. Roll Tide!!!!!!!!!!!!110:57 PM

    Huntsville is in Madison county. Madison is 75 miles north of Birmingham.

  2. i love love LOVE the one with her hands on her hips!