Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday, March 3, 2008

One of my worst fears came true today. I ran into a particular nurse that I swore had hands of steel and was out to kill me the day before I gave birth to Alise. Literally (Chelita, if you’re reading this, you KNOW what I’m talking about!). I was hoping I would never have to see this woman again. She was not a hand-holder, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t wish this nurse on anybody! Of course, she didn’t remember me (Thank you, God!), but I sure remembered her! How could I forget? She left a lasting impression! I say this because sometimes, when you think people might be trying to kill you, they really are! {Laughing} I know probably none of what I just said makes any sense, but I can’t go into too much detail for fear that she might come after me again with those hands of steel!! Some of you may be thinking why I even had to mention this, but I had to because I’m telling you, this woman scared me to death!! And bam! I walked into the room this morning and there she was!! Scary to say the least!

Okay. Moving on.

I had forgotten that my mom and dad went to Gonzales for the weekend, so when Alise and I went over to their house yesterday (like we do every Sunday afternoon), they weren’t home. They ended up coming over on their way home yesterday to give Alise some “prizes” that they had bought her at the outlet mall. They got her the cutest pink (of course) two piece outfit from The Children’s Place. It was a pink and white striped sweater with matching pink linen capris and silk belt. I told Alise is she was good, I would let her wear it to the circus this weekend. She was all about that! She also got a Hannah Montana purse.

The whole circus idea is the weight this week that we are using on Baby Girl. After she wigged out Friday night at the mall and lost her chance to go to the zoo, she knows she’s got to be extra good in order to see the animals at the circus this weekend. She keeps asking us, “I being good, Mommie? I being good, Daddy?” We’re planning on taking her Sunday afternoon. The little booger was still up at 11:00 last night!! I only let her take about an hour and fifteen minute nap yesterday, so I don’t know what her problem was with going to sleep last night.

After my parents left yesterday afternoon, I went to Walmart in Bastrop. Wow! Two times in one week! I’m doing good! I just really like the store there. I think I’m liking Walmart again. Anyway, did you know that “Garanimals” were back? I remember these clothes from when I was a kid! I stocked up on Alise some “play clothes.” They were only $3.50 a piece! I bought her three shirts (sparkly), two pairs of plaid shorts and one skort. Then, I found her the cutest flip-flops that were $7! I bought her a pink pair to go in her Easter basket and a black pair. I also bought her a pink pair of Disney Princess flip-flops to go in her Easter basket for $6.83. I’m finished with her Easter basket. Between Walmart and Target, she’s ready for the Easter Bunny (or the Easter Bunny is ready for her)! Oh! But I am looking for a little cheap pair of white gloves. I found some at Gymboree, but they were $9. Too expensive. I found some at Target on the dollar aisle, but they were too big. My mom said she would look at the Dollar Store for me. Mom wants to get Alise a hat for Easter, too. She said they had some real pretty ones at the Dollar Store. I told her that if she could find one to get it, although I don’t know if Alise would wear it or not.

Alise’s looks are beginning to change. Ms. Sandy was the first to notice. She asked me last week if I had cut Alise’s hair and I said no. She said her facial features are changing. I began to notice it this weekend. And her little personality is beginning to “arrive.” She acts just like me – which is very scary (almost as scary as the nurse above) – and yet funny at the same time. She and I both had giggling fits last night and I know that Wayne got aggravated with us, but she was just so darn cute! I would start laughing and then she would. We just had a sweet, giggling moment between the two of us! She is getting taller and seems to be loosing some “baby fat.” She is still in 2T’s, but I’m not sure for how much longer. Those dresses that I bought at the end of summer last year and looked to still fit a few weeks ago, just may not by the time spring is really here. I had also thought about getting Alise’s hair cut again this weekend. Her bangs really need a good trim and her hair has grown so fast since the last cut that I thought maybe it would grow even faster if we got another inch cut off. (Mirya – there is a little girl on the smartie britches website whose hair that I love! It’s the older little girl with the stacked hair cut in the back and long bangs and sides, but I think Alise’s hair is too thin for that!). She is just growing up to darn fast!


  1. Doug told me that Garanimals were coming back out and how he remembers wearing them. I must have fallen asleep during that great fad because I don't remember them. Do they sell them at Walmart? Where can I find them? Maybe if I saw them, I might remember.

    I looked at the SB website and I think that hair style is cute. I've been debating getting Katie's cut short again for her birthday and/or beach trip. I'm still thinking about it.

    I know our girls are not babies anymore. They are little girls with teenage attitudes, or at least mine does. When I'm trying to play or teach her something, she tells me to "leave her alone." This phrase doesn't go over well with me. She has been so sweet lately. She tells me how much she loves me and how pretty I am. I could eat this up all the time. Where has time gone?

  2. Oh my gosh! Was it FORCEPS lady????