Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday 2008

For today to be Good Friday and to mean so much to us as Christians, I am so glad that we were blessed today with beautiful weather and the opportunity to spend time together as a family. It was the perfect day to spend it at the zoo, too! The wind was a littly chilly at times, but by noon it had warmed up enough to still be so nice. Wayne and I both agreed that we could not have picked a better day! We stayed for three hours! I think that is the longest I have ever stayed at the zoo! Alise had a ball and she was the sweetest little girl today. Her favorite part was feeding the ducks, swans, and geese! Wayne was glad he brought lots of quarters! We got to go on the covered wagon ride. It's the newest attraction and it was fun to see other animals. Alise was too young to ride the horses and she quickly got scared in the reptile house so we had to get out of there!

After the zoo, we headed to the mall for lunch at Chic-fil-a. By this time it was nearly 2:00 and we were tired. As we were just about to finish lunch, Alise asked if she could go to the movies. Wayne and I looked at each other. We really didn't know what to do because it was too late for her to take a nap and we both wanted to be with her during her "first" movie. So...we went! We took her to see "Horton Hears a Who" at 3:15. She made it through until about the last fifteen minutes of the movie. She did really well, but she remembered the arcade games out in the front of the theater and wanted to go back and "play" on them, so Wayne got the joy of finishing up the movie. It was cute, but I wouldn't waste your money.

Speaking of money, we got by really cheap today! We didn't have to pay for Alise for anything. Not the zoo, not the wagon ride, and not the movie. I thought that was really nice.

Speaking of movies, Leigh and I are FINALLY getting to see "The Other Boleyn Girl" tomorrow! The manager of Tinsel Town emailed her and told her that the movie was opening here today! We are SOOOO excited!! We're going tomorrow around 1:00! I can't wait! I'll give you my review of it in a few days.

Have a wonderful Easter! Our hope is in Him because He lives!


  1. NO WAY!!! it's finally here?! i have to see it! maybe me and mom can go tomorrow night!!

  2. She is too cute!! Today was perfect for the zoo!!

    Can't wait to see our movie tomorrow!!

  3. What a beautiful day for the three of you! Wow! I remember thinking to myself of all the many wonderful firsts my sweet doula couple would have...way back when...I am so glad your enjoying your gift. :)