Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter 2008

Alise wasn't too impressed with her Easter basket this morning. First of all, she could careless if she got something from the Easter Bunny at all! I had to bring it up and then coax her to find her basket. When she did find it, she would take something out of it and say, "Oh, bunny socks! Oh, lipstick!" and then throw them aside. I was like, "Well!" Glad I didn't spend my afternoon looking for that blue balloon she lost last week or the Dalmatian movie! Those two things didn't show up in her basket.

Alise and I went to church with my parents this morning. Can you believe we made it through the entire service without having to leave or go to the cry room? I was so impressed! Alise ended up falling asleep within the last twenty minutes of church, but she was raring to go to the egg hunt afterwards! Addison was there, too, but she moved up to the next age group to hunt Easter eggs. We did catch up with her later, though, and Alise told her, "Happy Easter!" We had lunch at my mom and dad's and when we came back home, Alise spent much of the time outside with her red ladybug rubber boots on swinging, sliding, and pedaling her tricycle. She loves to be outside!

Wayne has spent the last two days putting vinyl siding on the house next door. He and his friend got a late start yesterday, so it doesn't look like they've made much progress for two days. However, what Wayne has finished looks really great!! Now, he has convinced me that we need to do ours, day.

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!!


  1. Glad you had a GREAT EASTER!

    I so want to see pics of this house!

  2. Hey, we live off of Bayou Oaks/Joe White rd.