Friday, March 07, 2008

Ding Dong Caper

I hope you get as much of a kick out of this story as I did. You can go to to see the actual video. What was this guy thinking?

By Natalie Swallow

Story Created: Mar 6, 2008

Story Updated: Mar 6, 2008

At a laundry-mat, other than checking for lint or other people's clothes, you probably don't look for much else before putting your clothes in the dryer.

This story might make you look a little harder.

A surveillance camera caught a man in Salem, as he tried to sabotage some laundry.

On February 8, a Laundromat customer found something other than lint or a dryer sheet in the dryer as he went to put his clothes in, instead he found the most unlikely of things, a chocolate “Ding Dong.”

“People do strange things in Laundromats when they think no one is around,” Salem Police Chief Al Roork said.

And on this early morning, one Fed Ex worker reportedly brought with him one special delivery to the Laundromat in Salem, Arkansas, a box of “Ding Dongs.”

Roork says he's seen it all in 28 years, but even this is something new for him.

“It's hard to figure out what the guy was thinking,” Roork said. "I called FedEx and got a hold of his supervisor and he came and looked at the video. He said yes it is our employee and his name is Jerry Wayne Whitaker. He delivers parcels for us. He goes to Jonesboro in the middle of the night and picks them up and delivers them to Mountain Home."

Whitaker was known to stop at the Laundromat early in the morning and watch some TV. Little did he know this time that he was being watched as he put “Ding Dongs” in the dryer.

Now, all the evidence sits in Roork’s office.

Whitaker pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct. If found guilty, he will most likely get a fine of less than $200.

Had customers used the dryers and ruined their clothes, Whitaker would have faced a higher misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief with a fine up to $1000 and up to a year in jail.

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