Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Here are pictures of the house next door as promised. This is a pic of the kitchen area coming in from the door under the carport.
This pic is of the dining area standing in the kitchen.
Bedroom #1.
Bedroom #2.
This is the area that we are having the carpenter "revamp" for us. This area is outside the 12 window panel door in the kitchen. We are converting this room to the utility room. It's gonna look great (and huge)!Wayne has done a great job! I can't wait to get a "for sale" sign in the yard!

I was in a meeting all morning and when I got back to my office, Ms. Gloria had called me to tell me that Alise's ear was bleeding. Off and on for the last two weeks, Alise has said that her ear hurt, but she hasn't run any fever and never really acted like it bothered her. Her ear also began draining when she came down the with croup and congestion. By the time I got the message, Dr. Stanley's answering service was taking call, so I decided to go on to lunch at call at 1:30. While I was in the cafeteria, my boss came up to me and told me that she saw Dr. Stanley in the parking lot walking toward the hospital and that I might be able to catch him in the nursery. I scarfed down baked fish and headed to the fourth floor, but unfortunately, I missed him. I ended up calling his office; the nurse said we should come in; the receptionist said that our appointment would be at 4 o'clock but to come early because he was already over booked for the afternoon. Ugh! I finished my next meeting and left work around 3:00 to pick up Baby Girl and head to Dr. Stanley's office. Alise entertained the whole waiting room. She made friends with every sick kid in the room and I bet there wasn't a germ that didn't get on her. I couldn't keep her off the floor! Good thing I bathed her in anti-bacterial hand wash before we got there!

Alise is in love with her doctor! She is like a totally different person when he walks in the room and he has got the best bed side manner in the world!! I love to watch him exam her because he makes me laugh. He noticed her painted finger nails and asked her if her toe nails were painted, too. She started to take her shoes off. He laughed. When he looked at her left ear, Dr. Stanley said, "Oh, yeah! Her cute little ear is oozing." And then he drew me a picture of her ear, the button, the capillaries (which was causing the bleeding)...the whole nine yards. Having gone through all that, the buttons were working like they were suppose to be! No serious ear infection, but we do have antibiotic drops for the next seven days and a cold medicine. He gave her two suckers and a sticker. I talked to Dr. Stanley about River Oaks (my friend, Leigh, told me that his kids go there) and he assured me that the school wasn't perfect, but that they really liked it (I also ran into another mom and her son who went to JGS. She said they loved it!) so that made me feel better.

After we left the doctor's office, I got Alise's prescriptions filled at Rite-Aid, bought her everything in the store and then we headed to Kentucky Fried Chicken to pick up supper to carry home. She had a melt down while I was placing the order in the drive thru because she didn't want green beans. I could barely hear the clerk through the intercom. I was so mad at Alise! I told her just because SHE didn't want green beans, didn't mean that me and her daddy didn't. Ugh!

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