Monday, February 18, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

People, please leave Princess Diana alone. Let the poor woman rest in peace. Don't ruin her image by concocting a crazy story that she was pregnant with Dodi's baby and that Prince Charles and his own father were out to kill her because they didn't want Wills and Harry to have a Muslim step-father. And Prince Phillip a Nazi? Even as much as I admired her, it's just too much drama. I can't take it. The woman is D-E-A-D! Let the Princess rest. Good grief!

Maybe my ranting and raving about Alise lately has helped our behavior and bed time dilemmas. I picked Alise up from school yesterday and both Ms. Sandy and Ms. Marilyn (Ms. Gloria is off on Mondays)told me that Alise was so sweet. So, I took her to gymnastics and she was so excited to see Ms. SueAnn! She did so well at gymnastics, too! I was so proud of her! Our bedtime rituals have gotten least better than they were last week. She's gone to bed without hardly any trouble this week although she did wake up at 2:00 this morning and wanted to get in bed with us. Wayne has been sick with a hacking cough and he wouldn't let her in our bed, so lucky me got to sleep the remainder of the night on the floor in her bedroom. I finally bought her some children's Mucinex for her croup/congested cough and she's gotten over it (Mirya, you might want to try it to for Katie).

I had Bible study at my house tonight, so my mom picked Alise up from school. She was SO excited that her Nana was picking her up that she ran into her classroom and announced to Ms. Sandy and Gloria that "My Nana is picking me up!" I think they had pizza and bread sticks for supper. Wayne brought her home around 8:30 and she was the sweetest thing! She asked for a piece of chocolate pie. Knowing our experience with chocolate at bedtime (or at least, what we think is our experience), I didn't give her very much, but she asked me to put some in her lunch for tomorrow. She is just the sweetest thing!

Wayne wants me to get a babysitter for this weekend. I think he might want to take me to the movies? We'll see. I've got to find a babysitter, first.

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  1. Preach it sister!

    I'll have to try that medicine on Katiebug. She is doing much better today though. Take care!