Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008

We saw the previews for "Horton Hears a Who" tonight. The movie premeres on March 14th. We plan on taking Alise. It will be her first movie in an actual theater. I told Wayne, "Get ready to spend some money!!" I would really like to take her that Friday night, but I'm not sure she will be able to stay awake that long. I would love it if Wayne could get off early and we could go early that Friday afternoon. I know the theaters will be packed on that Saturday! Anyway, we're looking forward to it!!

Allie attacked me and Alise this morning and again this afternoon! She was wild today. When I dropped Alise off this morning, she came running at Alise and nearly knocked her down. I could barely talk to Ms. Gloria without Allie pulling on my pant leg and Alise whining because of something Allie had done. Must have been the day for the "hate" side of the "love/hate" relationship. Then, this afternoon, she darted out of the room when Alise and I left. Luckily, Kevin was coming through the door just then. She and Alise ran to the kitchen for a snack (they both have to have a snack on the way home). Then, Allie tried to get in our car when I opened the door. The girls are just so attached and I think Alise just may not have been in the best mood to deal with Allie today.

We have a baby sitter for Saturday night! Yeah!! I'm thinking I might want to go see the new Matthew McConaghay movie, "Fools Gold." I think it might be a little goofy, but I like him and there is really nothing else I want to see until next week ("The Other Bolelyn Girl" comes out next week!). As long as I get to go to Target and Kohl's (my newest favorite store), I'm fine.

Alise grabbed my hand tonight and said, "Mommie, let's get married!" I asked her, "What do you know about getting married?" She just grinned and said, "Let's get married." Later, she told me that the Princess marries the Prince. Also, she is scared of ear drops. I think they are cold in her ear and it might feel a little uncomfortable and she whines when we have to put them in. I was the mean Moma and told her that if she didn't take her ear drops, she's have to go back to Dr. Stanley and he would give her a shot. She looked at me shocked as if to say, "Dr. Stanley would give me a shot?". Never the less, she got her ear drops tonight!

After I picked up Baby Girl, we stopped by Spoiled Rotten so I could make a payment on Alise's lay-a-way. I found the most beautiful blue dress by the brand "Luli & Me." It was $82. I had to "slap my hands" as Mirya would say. But I had to slap really hard. I had my heart set on Alise wearing blue this year for Easter and then I found the lavender dress at Pennys (for less than half the price of this one). I kinda hate that she will be wearing lavender two years - no, make that THREE years - in a row, but, oh, well! I'm a little disappointed, but at least I didn't spend a whole lot of money. They had some new things, but I didn't add anything to my lay-a-way. Oh, but I did get Alise a pair of Reef brand flip flops that were sparkly pink. She absolutely loves them. She'll tell you real quick that her favorite color is pink!

The new line at Gymboree is out and so is gymbucks. Also, there are some cute clothes at The Children's Place. I like the preppy look. I'm still watching things on Ebay, but I haven't bought anything. I'm afraid that the weather is not going to be warm enough for Alise to wear the blue and white bunny bubble I got last week. It is so precious and I hate for her to not get to wear it. But...guess what?! Our church has decided to have their annual Easter egg hunt this year (they didn't have it last year) so maybe it will be warm enough for her to wear it then. Pray for warm weather on March 15th!!!

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  1. I want to see The Other Boleyn Girl sooooo bad!! If Wayne won't take you to see it, we should go together!