Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wayne was complaining last night that the last time I blogged was last Wednesday. I started to tell him that it was Thursday, but then I remembered that I just posted pictures on words. Hum. Didn't know he was reading it! Anyway, here goes:

Why is it that the weekends go by so fast? Except for the rain, the Horton's had a very good weekend. It was quiet and yet busy, too. Our "Friday Night Ritual" has become the "Saturday Lunch Routine." We've substituted Chic-fil-a for McDonald's. Have we lost our minds or what?! It just seems that lately, Alise's favorite place to eat is Mickey D's and it's closer to our house than going all the way out to the mall. After I ran some errands in the rain Saturday morning, we met at Mickey D's for lunch. Wayne and I switched out babysitting duties and Alise and I came home to take a nap. By the time we woke up, Wayne was home and he needed to borrow Steve's trailer, so off he and Alise went to the Pondee. They got home around 4:45 just in time to change Alise's clothes and head to the Picadilly to meet my parents for supper. I let Baby Girl eat off my plate, but she hardly ate anything. She was impressed with the three policemen that were sitting close by (I tell her all the time that the policemen are watching to see if she's acting right and in her car seat like she's suppose to be - which, by the way, we got her a new car seat last weekend). She was SO surprised when one of them said, "Hello" to her that she spent the remainder of the meal hiding behind my chair. She did manage to eat all of her blue jello. Her teeth were blue. Nana & Papaw wanted her to go back home with them, so I ran errands at the mall and Wayne ran out to Home Depot to look for the stuff to finish the rent house (which, by the way, we have agreed to let a carpenter come in and finish the remaining back area. Wayne was shopping at Home Depot to finish up buying the rest of the supplies). I picked Alise up around 8:00 and we came home, got a bath, and I put her to bed. This morning we went to church. Before Sunday School, I was talking in the hall and Alise saw me. That was it. She refused to go back to her class so she ended up staying with me in the nursery and let me tell you what an experience that was!! She was climbing all over stuff and wouldn't mind that well. I was worn out by the time Sunday School was over!! We came home and had lasagna for lunch and took our usual Sunday afternoon nap. Wayne had to go back to Home Depot, so Alise and I bundled up in sweaters and played and had our afternoon snack outside. It was still very cool, but it was a gorgeous day. Alise rode her 4-wheeler, drew with chalk, and blew bubbles. She went back with Wayne to Donna & Steve's tonight to carry the trailer back. She called me on the way home and told me that she ate fish at Aunt Donna's. She was all about her Aunt Donna and Uncle Steve! So, that - in a nutshell - was our weekend.

Most of my items on Ebay came due today. I sold 5 items and made $71!! So I made my money back on the two items I bought last week. Whew! Wayne's happy. I'm happy. I've still got a TON more things to put out there, but I just haven't had time this weekend. If something didn't sell, I just relisted it for now.

Late last night, Wayne and I got interested in Will Smith's movie, "The Pursuit of Happiness." I had rented it one time, but I never got around to watching it. It started around 11:00 and wasn't going to be finished until 1:05. We couldn't stay up that late and so we went to bed, but it seemed like it was a very good movie. I said something to Wayne about renting it, but he said we could just try to catch it again on the satellite. Hum. Maybe I liked it more than he did?

Friday morning on the way to school, Alise asked me if I would take her to the park after I picked her up. Thinking that I would get out of it because of the weather forecast for the day, I said yes. Well, guess what? It wasn't raining at 5:00 so off to the park we went. It was just me and Baby Girl for a while and then a set of twins showed up with their parents. Their names were Gunter and Grace. I noticed they still had school uniforms on and I recognized the plaid to be Good Shepherd. I got to talk to the parents and the twins were in PreK-3 in Ms. Wade's class! I was thrilled about that because I got to ask questions. Both seemed to be very pleased with the school and said that the twins would be going on to PreK-4 next year. They loved Ms. Wade and the one thing I couldn't get over was how well behaved the kids were! Now, that could be a reflection on the parents as well as the school, but they were very nice and well-mannered. Grace and Alise hit it off. Before I knew it, Alise was asking if Grace could come home with us!

Before Wayne and Alise returned Steve's trailer, we went by the house that Wayne has fallen in love with on Cadillac Drive. The house is up for auction because the bank is trying to unload it. I must say that it was a very BIG disappointment. Lots of issues (cracks in the brick) and alot of fix-up work...something that I told Wayne that I never wanted to do again. From the outside, the house looks really large, but it's small inside. I was really surprised at how small the kitchen was and there was not a hand rail for the stairs, which I thought was strange. It would need lots of new paint, flooring and/or carpeting. To me, the highlite of the whole house was the master bath. Now, that was nice! Needless to say, I am glad that Wayne has finally gotten to see the house and has ruled it out. Right now, we're concentrating on getting the house next door finished and get a for sale sign in the yard. Wayne is thinking that the carpenter could be finished by the end of the week and the only thing left would be the air conditioning and the carpet. Of course, all that will hit around the time that Alise's registration and tuition becomes due, so knowing our luck, it probably won't happen as quickly as we hope. I know I've been saying that I am going to post pictures, but I really will try to do it later this week! The house looks better than our's!!!


  1. I wanted to check on your G'ma. How is she doing? She is in our thoughts and prayers.

    Love ya!

  2. Guess what? I finally got Liz to start up a blog. Now, I've got three nieces started. I just hope she'll have time to keep it up. Les had to stop because of dial-up & Sarah blogs when she can. Talk to ya later!

  3. My grandmother is doing better. She is still in the specialty hospital and doing therapy. I haven't gotten to see her this week because I have been in budget meetings all day every day this week ( for the next TWO weeks, actually!). I'm going to try and check on her tomorrow or Thursday.