Sunday, February 24, 2008

Monday, February 25, 2008

Tom and Joy Wicks are in town this week from Illinois. Tom is the nephew of "Mr. Bob" Wicks, our ex-neighbor. We got to know them really well for the year that we were trying to buy Mr. Bob's house. They come down occassionally to check on Mr. Bob at the VA home and usually we get together and go out to eat one night with them while they are here. Wayne - of course, being the kind of guy that he is - hit it off with Tom really well and Ms. Joy just loves Alise. Every time they see her, they can't get over how much she has grown. We tease Tom about making a stop at the Panola Pepperhouse headquarters in Lake Providence. He actually buys CASES of their products to take back home for the guys he works with. I can't remember off the top of my head exactly where he works, but apparently, all the guys get together and cook (I do remember that it is shift work) and the Panola products are a hit with everyone. Now, they can't wait for Tom to cook! (You know they don't have any "seasoning" up North, so this is like a big treat to them!) They came by the house yesterday afternoon. They were dying to see what we had done to Bob's house (I kept forgetting to send pictures to them via email). Boy, were they shocked! Joy was snapping up pictures so she could take them back to the VA home to show Mr. Bob. We were so glad that they thought we had done a great job. They said it didn't even look like the same house to them!

But speaking of Lake Providence, I have been meaning to tell the Alabama relatives -who remember - that the Ole Dutch Bakery burned to the ground a few weeks ago. As of yet, they can't determine how the fire started other than it started upstairs above the restaurant part. I tried to find a picture of the restaurant, but I couldn't find one online. You can go to and type in "ole dutch bakery" in the search engine to find the articles. Anyway, there was a very nice article in Sunday's paper by Georgette Potts about the old eatery. It just broke my heart when I heard that it had burned. We were just there nine months ago and I took Alise's picture in front of the store (I tried to find the picture to post, but I think it's on Wayne's computer)! Most of you will remember that Hollis use to LOVE their lemon ice-box pies. He use to buy them two and three at a time and keep them in the freezer. Wayne and I would eat there on Saturday afternoons when we stayed at the camp and I remember their hamburger buns were homemade. Very nice people. Great memories for our little family. Such a loss.

Alise caught on to the fact that I had tummy problems this past weekend. She woke up at midnight complaining of a tummy ache. Of course, all she ate was junk all weekend, so I thought that played a huge role in how she was feeling. She ended up sleeping with me in our bed - Wayne on the couch - so I only got about four hours of sleep last night. Every time I coughed, or either one of us would roll over, we would wake the other up, so I know that she didn't sleep good, either. Maybe she was having tummy problems, but I kinda doubt it. And, as luck would have it, Alise is not nearly as big as Wayne, so she's not that good of a "heater," either. I froze all night long!!

Ms. Kay, one of Alise's teachers that operates the the lunch room, has been out for about four weeks because she suffered a heart attack. This morning, I noticed her car was back and I told Alise that she should go tell Ms. Kay, "Welcome back!" She ran straight to the lunch room and hugged Ms. Kay. And, then, only Kay could take her to her classroom. She blew me a kiss good-bye and off she went. Happy as a lark!

I went to see my grandmother today who is still in the specialty hospital at St. Francis. She seems to be doing better, but she still has pneumonia and the doctors will make a decision tomorrow concerning her foot...something about skin grafts or plastic surgery? I'm not sure what my grandmother was talking about (I haven't had time to call my mom yet)? Anyway, she asked that I bring Alise by this week so she can see her. I checked with the nurses and they said it was fine, but she could only stay about fifteen to twenty minutes, so it will be a short visit. I'm thinking we might stop by tomorrow.

Alise did not do as well at gymnastics tonight as she did last week. She is beginning to understand the coke and snack machines and can't understand why she can't have a snack out of it like all the other kids (It's mostly because she gobbles her snack up on the way to gymnastics and by the time we get there, she's finished it). The "no" alone to that one nearly had us leaving. Then, we class actually started, we spent most of it in the bathroom. She's still complaining of a tummy ache. We went to the bathroom three times! Then, she got bored and wouldn't do anything, so that nearly called for us leaving again. Ugh! The little booger can flip over that bar pretty quick, though, without a single soul spotting her! She's so fast! I think her favorite is the bar where my favorite thing for her is the beam. We'll see.

On the way home from gymnastics, Alise told me, "Momma, you better slow down or the policeman is going to get you." I was like, "Thanks, alot, Sherlock!"

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