Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday, February 1, 2008

My three hour meeting in Baton Rouge yesterday ended up turning into a 12-hour event. We had to be at the airport at 6:45 AM to fly out. During the meeting, we got a call from the hospital's administrative secretary telling us that we needed to be in the air by 12:15 because of bad weather in Monroe. We rushed to the airport, but the pilot advised that we not leave yet because there was another band of thunderstorms headed toward Baton Rouge and it would be better for us to wait and let the storm pass through. We went to lunch at Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro and went shopping at the Mall of Louisiana, checking in with the pilot every hour. Unfortunately, the storm hit around 2:30 and we got stuck in traffic on I-10 for two hours. We didn't end up leaving Baton Rouge until 5:30 and I didn't get back to Monroe until 6:15. It was a very long and aggravating day. The good news was that I got to shop for thirty minutes. I literally ran to "Strausburg" and "The Disney Store" since we don't have those stores in Monroe. I bought Alise a very nice light cotton baby blue dress in Strausburg. I thought it was a very reasonable price. They had all their fall, winter, and Christmas marked down really well, but I didn't find anything in Alise's size. I could have spent a small fortune in there because they had some beautiful dresses! (When I got home last night, I had gotten a Strausburg magazine in the mail and I noticed that the magazine prices were much higher than the store prices!) Actually, I made two trips into the Disney store. Alise has specifically asked for a Hannah Montana shirt in pink (her favorite color...and she will let you know it, too!), but they didn't have any. I noticed a rack of princess flip flops. Two pairs for $8. So, I went back after Strausburg and bought Alise a pair of Tinkerbell flip flops because that was the only design I could find her size in. She loved them!! Finally, I think Baby Girl is going to be a flip-flop queen this summer!!

Ask me where I ended up finding Alise's birthday dress!! Wal-mart!! Can you believe it? I left work today at noon to run some errands and I think I must have flipped my lid, because I ended up in Walmart. In Walmart, in the toddler section! I found the cutest light pink and dark pink polka dotted dress!! It is too cute and only cost $15!! I thought that was a really good deal. I also bought Alise a pink Hannah Montana shirt, but it's a size 4 because that was the smallest they come. She hasn't tried it on, yet, but I figure she could at least sleep in it. I also found her Easter dress today at Penny's (who, by the way, was having a GREAT sale!) and yes, it is lavendar again this year.

My mother called me at 10:00 this morning at work to tell me that my Grandmother had fallen last night in the nursing home and had to have surgery this morning at 1 AM. The orthopedic doctor, Dr. Ferrar, said that it couldn't wait. The doctors are concerned about her breathing and so they are still monitoring her. She was suppose to be moved from recovery to an ICU bed, but there are not any available. We just got back from visiting her and she is still in recovery. I thought maybe since all this had happened, that moma and daddy would decide not to go to Arkansas this weekend to Brooklyn's party, but they are still going and Alise is going with them (I am so glad that I did not have to give her the bad news that she wouldn't be able to go). She is so excited. I asked her on the way home from school, "Were you a good girl today?" And she said, "Yes, Ma'am. Can I go to Brooklyn's party?" Too cute. As for me and Wayne, I really don't know what we will decide to do. I'd like to go see a movie, but I don't know if there is one worth going to see. We thought about going to Jackson, but I really don't have anything to shop for. Actually, I had my heart set on going back to Superior Grill (Mexican) in Shreveport, but I don't think he'll take me there. A friend of his told him today at work that Reba is playing tomorrow night in Shreveport, so I am sure all the restaurants will be packed. I just want to go somewhere different. I had planned to make the candy heart suckers for Alise's classmates this weekend, but I don't know if I'll get around to that or not.

I think next weekend, I am going to try and make a playdate for Alise and Allie. They are so crazy together! I ran in to Kevin, Allie's dad one day, we were picking the girls up at the same time and he said, "We need to get the girls together and trade off" and I thought that was a great idea. I might drop Maria a note this week and see what she thinks.

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