Monday, February 04, 2008

February 4, 2008

Welcome to the "Terrible Threes!!" And so far, they're worse than the Two's!!

I don't know what has gotten in to Alise lately. She won't mind, she talks back and she's quick to tell you "no." I've just about had it! Even Ms. Sandy had to tell me today how bad Alise and her friends were. She said they fought on the playground, wouldn't mind and told her no. Ms. Marilyn said that she was so hyper, that she didn't even take a nap today. Ugh! So for the second week in a row, we didn't go to gymnastics. Alise hardly seemed to care because she was so sleepy in the backseat. Tonight, she crawled up on the kitchen counter via the bar stools and preceded to get a marshmellow before supper after I told her that she couldn't have one. I put her in timeout, but that hardly phased her. Wayne gave her "the lecture" and spanked her before she went to bed. He told her that if she didn't start being good at school that she was going to start getting a spanking every night. We both agreed that it's time to start cracking down on the discipline. We work too hard and are willing to give Alise what she wants, but we're not going to have a bad, unruly, brat. I was so disappointed with her behaviour today.

Baby Girl slept 12 hours last night (which may explain why she didn't take a nap today). Do you know how long it's been since she slept 12 hours? We thought that since she didn't take a nap all weekend, we would put her to bed early. She slept from 7 to 7 this morning and woke up in a great mood (that's why I'm so shocked about her behaviour today)! She dressed herself all by herself, too. She was so cute in a red outfit and pink leggins with red hearts!

Check out the new ice-cream line at Gymboree. It's cute. Also, Old Navy has got some cute spring clothes. I was craving a Chic-fil-a chicken salad sandwich for lunch and I had a few minutes to spare, so I ran in. I found some cute jelly shoes for her, too! All Old Navy's Valentine and St. Patrick Day's shirts are $5!

I caught Kevin - Allie's dad - this morning at school and told him to tell Maria that I would call later in the week to see if Allie could come to our house on Saturday. He said that it sounded like a plan to him. However, Sandy told me this afternoon, "Girl, you're going to have your work cut out for you this weekend" (She overheard me talking to Kevin). I'm using Allie's visit to get Alise to be good at school. I've told her that she has 4 days to get her act together and start being good. She said, "Okay." We'll see. It was so sweet because she and Allie were holding hands when I got there this afternoon and Alise said, "Mommie, she's going home with me." She misunderstood the part about "Saturday."

My Grandmother is still in the hospital. They managed to move her from recovery to ICU sometime Saturday afternoon. However, she is not doing good right now. The doctors are still concerned about her breathing and when I was there earlier this afternoon, my aunt told me that the doctor is wanting to put her back on the ventilator. He upset my aunt so much by a comment he made when he made rounds at lunch time. My mom and her sisters are waiting for my Uncle to come in before they make any major decisions.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your grandma. Please let us know if there is anything we can do. She and your family will be in our prayers. Take care. Love ya girl!