Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Here is an example of some of the crazy stuff Alise says sometimes: This morning on the way to school, she said, “I want a baby.” I asked her did she want a baby doll and she said, “No, I want a baby.” I said, “Sweetie, I don’t know what you’re talking about if you’re not wanting a baby doll.” She said, “I want a baby like Ms. Mary holds (teacher in the baby room at school).” Click. The light went off. “Do you want a baby brother or sister?” “Uh-huh! That’s the baby I want.” I paused for a minute. How was I suppose to answer that? Finally, I said, “Alise, God hasn’t given us a new baby yet” (and mommie and daddy don’t want a new baby right now) She said, “Okay,” and dropped the subject. It’s amazing what runs through her head sometimes! I mean, just out of no where, she asked about a baby.

We are beginning to see signs of the bruises from Alise’s fall last week lightening up and fading, but barely. It’s still obvious that something happened, so we’re still keeping her at home. I had planned to return to church activities tonight, but we didn’t go. Ms. Gloria looks at her face every morning to see what it looks like. I think she really feels bad about what happened. I am just so thankful that nothing was broken. Dr. Stanley had told us that if something was broken, we would have to go to an ENT to get it fixed.

I am thinking about getting Alise Dr. Suess’ book, “Green Eggs and Ham” for her birthday. She currently does not have any Dr. Suess books (simply because I never liked them growing up). Some mornings, when we get to school, she has to get a book out of the school library to take to her room. I’ve noticed that she’s chosen this book twice. I asked Ms. Sandy if that was one of her favorite books and she told me that it was. She has also asked me to help her find the “Jack and the Beanstalk” book, but I can never find it. Apparently the kids act out parts of this book and Ms. Sandy said that it’s one of her favorites, too. We haven’t been to our local parish library lately simply because I owe a small fortune to it. We forgot to return some DVDs and books and I think I owe them $15!! I told Alise that if we (mommie) couldn’t do a better job with returning things to the library, then we needed to stop going. However, I’m thinking about returning there on Saturday and facing the embarrassment of being told that I need to hand over 15 bucks before I can check out another book! Alise has got one ABC Princess book that also has a CD so this week, she has enjoyed listening and turning the pages of the book when she hears the chimes. Our library has some of those books, so I think I might try to get her a few of those for the car.

At lunch today, I went to one of my favorite children’s boutiques, “Spoiled Rotten” because they had a sign out front that said “seasonal clearance.” I was hoping to get some Christmas outfits for next year, but no luck. Everything was picked over in her size. The shop already had Easter clothes out! And tons of smocked dresses, but none that I just had to have for Baby Girl. They had the cutest smocked bathing suits!! I haven’t decided what I am going to do for Alise an Easter dress this year. I just still love the one she had last year so much!! I have decided that I don’t want a smocked dress for her Easter dress. I don’t know what it is, but I just think of poofy Cinderella dresses at Easter time and I am most tempted to see if she can still wear one of her Cinderella dresses from last year for this year. I am also considering a simple, sleeveless float dress and have her initials monogrammed on the front collar. I found a dress that I really liked online by Mulberry Street that is the sleeveless float style with pink bunnies on the collar. It was very nice and simple…and on sale, but I can only find it in a 4T. I am also trying to find a birthday outfit for her. I can’t decide if I want to dress her all up or just let her wear a cute short and shirt outfit, since, at this time, the party will be outside (However, we road by the front of the church yesterday and I asked her if she wanted to have her party on the playground and she told me “no” that she wanted it inside. Ugh!!).

Last night, I was piddling on the computer and Alise said, “I want to see Allison.” I’m not sure how she knew that Chad and Allison’s wedding pictures had been loaded on the internet, but I showed them to her anyway. She would point to the picture she wanted to see and I would click on it to make it big enough for her to see. Then we would have to point out everyone in the picture if it was a family photo. She would name them: Allison, Chad, Casey, Aunt Donna and Uncle Steve. Too cute.

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  1. well, Emie wants her to have a new baby too! :)