Thursday, January 24, 2008

We are making plans to visit our friends, Brian and Misty, in Houston in March. We could get some really cheap airline rates out of Jackson with Southwest. We miss our friends and can't wait to see Baby Claire! We've decided to take Alise with us; it will be her first airplane ride. I can't wait to see what she thinks! We haven't told her anything about it yet; we'll break the news to her as the day gets closer. I know she will be so excited! We're going to try and get a hotel with a heated pool so she can swim, too.

Mirya also sent us the lease agreement for our beach trip in September! It's official! We're going! The girls are going to LOVE it! It seems so strange to be making vacation (warmer) plans when it's only January and the weather is awful outside! We've had rain and sleeting rain off and on all day long. I think it is suppose to get worse tonight, but the high tomorrow is around 50, so it won't last long.

I left work a little early this afternoon. I had to spot check the inventory process in the cath lab department at the hospital and finished up much earlier than I thought. So...I went shopping. I'm looking for a specific dress for Alise so I went looking at "Spoiled Rotten" and "The Children's Shop". I found two outfits that I put on lay-a-way at Spoiled Rotten. One is a brown and white Miss-Te-V-Us two piece outfit (long sleeveless top with brown matching capris). I just LOVE that brand and it wears so well. I also got a two piece white and pink plaid seer-sucker sleeveless top with matching bloomers. I thought I could get it monogrammed and if I can't find a pink polka dot outfit, then Alise could wear this for her birthday outfit. I also found a pink polka dot bow for her hair. I also bought Claudia-Kate an outfit - pink gauchos and a pink tank top that says "princess" in sparkly letters and a crown on the butt of the gauchos. Too cute!!

After I hit those two stores, I picked up Alise from school. Allie spotted me getting out of the car and ran to tell Alise that I was there. When I opened the door to her class, Alise, Emma, and Allie all came running up to me to hug me. It was so sweet. They are the three muskateers for sure! (As a matter of fact, I wished I had had my camera this morning when I dropped Alise off because they were all sitting beside each other around the table in the lunch room to do their art!) Baby Girl and I came home, got our pajamas on, turned up the heat and ate everything in sight! We had a great time just vegging out in the livingroom. When it was bath time, I let her have her new Mermaid Barbie doll that is made for the bath tub. I picked it up the other night at Target (Mirya - you might want to think about getting Katie one! They come in all the princesses and it only cost $9.99. I talked her into getting the bath Barbie princess instead of a Hannah Montana Barbie doll that plays music. I'm just not ready for that yet!).

The pictures above are of Alise - I mean, Belle - in her castle tent; Alise playing the Wii last night with her Daddy, and pics of the white beach dress that I bought on Ebay for $14.00. It finally came in today. I just love it!

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  1. I haven't see the bath tub Mermaid. I'll have to check it out. Katie is really getting into Barbie. I think the Easter bunny is going to give her her first Barbie. Have you seen the Mini Barbie's that come with change of clothes? It reminds me of the Disney Princesses. I'm thinking about get Katie a couple for the big beach trip. Love the beach dress! Our girls are going to be so precious in their white dresses! Now, if they'll cooperate when it comes to pictures.