Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Wayne and I thought best that we not take Alise to church this morning. We were concerned of what people might say or not say, so he stayed home from church with her while I went by myself. We've also agreed to keep her out of gymnastics tomorrow night, which Alise is not too happy about. It's her first night back after the holidays and she was really looking forward to it. While I was at church, Dr. Stanley's office called to give us the results of the X-ray from Friday. No breaks. No fractures. We are very thankful for that. The bruises are beginning to turn a deep green. The black eyes are still there and the swelling has gone down even more. Again, the pictures do not do justice.

The King Cakes are out in the stores! Wayne and I bought one last night at Wal-mart and I had a slice for dessert today at lunch. So good!! Also, all the LSU snacks are out! Cupcakes made into the shape of footballs...cookie cakes with the tiger on them. It was too much for me and Wayne. We just had to leave the store with four items in our hands! Ha! Also, today at church, everyone had their LSU shirt on (men). Even Bill had on an LSU polo. I guess it was a good thing that Wayne didn't make it to church today.

Chad stopped by for a visit this afternoon. Alise had a ball showing him all her new toys. She was quick to say, "No! It goes like this!" when he wasn't doing something the way she wanted him to. She asked him, "Where is Allison?" Chad tried to show her how to color in the lines. That didn't go to well.

We played outside for a while this afternoon. While I cleaned my car out, Alise played on her slide and with her sidewalk chalk that Allie gave her for Christmas. Wayne gave her a bottle of old bubbles left over from this summer. She couldn't get them to work so she ended up pouring them out on the drive way. The weather was so warm with a mild breeze blowing. We went to see my mom and dad, too, and Alise had shorts on. Go figure.

Last night while I was at Michael's I bought the Valentine candy molds and candy melts to do candy suckers for Alise's class for Valentine's Day. Am I crazy or what? I talked to one of the clerks who was familiar with the candy process and she told me that I could make them in advance. Just be sure to keep them in tupperware in the fridge. That was my main question. I certainly didn't want to be up at 3:00 in the morning on Valentine's Day making 30 candy suckers!! I plan to start early and do some each night and on the weekend before. I only bought one candy mold. I may have to make another trip to get more. It may take forever to use one mold (with four heart molds). I also bought the colored sugar for cupcakes for her party that day. And...I bought her Valentine cards. They are the Disney Princess design. I checked the ones out at Walmart and they didn't have anything better, so I was pleased with my choice. Target has the cutest Valentine sippy cups that look like cupcakes. I think they are about $2.99. I bought one for Allie & Emma.

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  1. my goodness that looks horrible!! poor baby...