Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008

Alise is in the dog house. She’s being punished. I don’t know if I shared last week or not, but she was not very good at gymnastics. She wouldn’t do her stretching exercises at the end of the night and I kept telling her that if she didn’t do them, then she wasn’t getting in the balls for playtime. She still wouldn’t do them, so after she went running to the ball pit, I pulled her out in front of all her classmates and she continued to make a spectacle of herself when we were getting her bag together and leaving. I mean, it was so bad that parents were coming out of the other areas to see what was going on. I was so embarrassed. I ended up swatting her on the way home –nearly breaking a finger in the process because my finger hit part of the buckle on her car seat. Then, I wanted to cry! Anyway, we had told her last week that she wasn’t going back to gymnastics. Last night, she was still up at 10:30. Wayne had let her sleep until 4:00 (I’m not even going to go there!) for her afternoon nap. This morning it was HECK getting her out of bed and to school. Man, was she cranky!! And to top it off, she started arguing with me about going to gymnastics! She has gotten in this arguing mode lately and telling us “no.” I can’t stand it!! She got two spankings this morning. She slept on the way to school the last five minutes and when we pulled into the driveway, Ella was getting out of her car and it was like Alise was a totally different person! Ella’s mom said, “Oh, I bet Alise gets up early! She’s got so much energy!” I said, “I wish you could have seen us twenty minutes ago!”

One of my good friends/employees at work, Linda Clark, turned 60 today. To celebrate, she wanted to take a day of PTO. Yesterday afternoon, Tracy (another employee) and I met up at the office to decorate Linda’s office (That’s why Alise slept till 4:00…mommie wasn’t home!). The pictures above are of her office. I'll post more pics tomorrow when she's back at work. It is so cute and Tracy and I had a great time decorating! There are balloons and streamers everywhere! We tied up her chair with crepe paper and I stuck a huge sucker in the chair that says, “Sixty Sucks!” She’s gonna love it!! Linda shares her birthday with her daughter, Kelly, who is 30 today, also. They had planned years ago to go to Vegas to celebrate, but they changed their minds (I can’t believe Linda changed her mind about Vegas!!). Linda’s not one to be down about her birthday, but she’ll love the decorations!!

On Saturday, I got Alise all phoo-phoo’ed up to go with my mom to see my grandmother in the nursing home. When we got there, Grandma was playing Bingo in the lunch area and as soon as she saw us, she high-tailed it (in her wheel chair) out of there and we went off to her room. After a while, Alise began getting restless, so Grandma decided we needed a tour of the facilities. They are very nice by the way. Not like any nursing home I have ever been to! It reminds me of a hotel!! Anyway, my cousin Stephanie had told me that there was a rabbit and so, we went off to find the rabbit. Alise fell in love with what she called, “The Easter Bunny.” Oh, my goodness, I had to drag her away from it and it was so cold outside! She would have stayed outside all day! Finally, I told her that he needed to take a nap and that we would come back another day. Then, when we were looking out one of the doors that leads to a patio, my mom mentioned a picnic and here we go! Alise wanted to have a picnic! Again, we had to tell her that we would have to do it another day! After we left the nursing home, we tried going to the Cracker Barrel for lunch, but it was so crowded that we ended up going to the Piccadilly. As I was driving there, I remembered that it was along the Mardi Gras parade route, but the traffic wasn’t that bad and we got right in! We did not take Alise to the parade, nor do I ever plan to. Too many crazy people!! Tiffany had called late Friday night to see if I wanted to go to the children’s Mardi Gras parade at the mall, but we already had plans. That one may not have been too bad. Maybe next year.

My parents talked to Michael & Misty and Brooklyn’s birthday party is Saturday around 11:30. I told Alise that if she wasn’t good this week, she wasn’t going with her Nana & Papaw to her party. She just looked at me. That was this morning when we were fighting. I got Brooklyn a “high school musical” jacket with sequined lettering and a stuffed dog that comes in a carrier. I think it’s called a “Poodle Pouch” or something like that. It comes with all the accessories, of course. I need to talk to Linda tomorrow to find out about Claudia –Kate’s party. It’s this weekend, too, and I still need to get one more thing for her to open. I’m hoping Kelly will keep it on Sunday, but when I talked to Linda last week, she said that Brad – Kelly’s husband – didn’t want it on Sunday. With them, there is no telling!

Oh! Some of you will appreciate this! This afternoon, I ran into an old high school friend at a funeral. She now lives in Shreveport and she showed me a picture of her little girl who will be three in Apriln (I didn't have a picture of Alise because I changed purses this morning). Amber told me, "Oh, Laura! Does your little girl even wear blue jeans? I bet she is always decked out in smocked dresses and leggings and things like that." I just busted out laughing (I needed a good laugh!)! She knew by my answer that she was telling the truth! See!! I was a goody-two-shoes in high school! Some things never change.

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  1. I loved the pictures!! You need to get her a bunny rabbit!!!!!

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