Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January 30, 2008

Linda finally made it back to work! Yesterday, she had called in sick so that’s why I didn’t post any pics. She got food poisoning at the restaurant where she and her family ate Monday night. So, we had to wait an extra day to eat cake and ice-cream. Anyway, she was thrilled to death with our decorating as you can tell. The last two pics are of my office. I thought – since I had the camera – that you would like to get a look at my office. Notice the dead plant in the corner. My employees gave me that for “Boss’ Day” and I’ve just about killed it! It’s a shame when your employees have to water the plant they gave you! Other than that, you will have to excuse the mess. I’m flying down to Baton Rouge tomorrow so I had stuff everywhere getting ready for that meeting. The bright red basket on the desk was a Christmas gift from Dr. Conville’s office. It was literally filled with all kinds of chocolate. Needless to say, after the month we had, all the chocolate is just about gone! We told R.H. that he was going to have to refill it for us. If we don’t have a better month, there won’t be enough money to fill it again!


  1. your page did a flip flop on me...took me by surprise! have a great weekend!

  2. Yeah, I'm feeling very "valentiney" but my other half seems to stay in the dog house these days!