Wednesday, January 02, 2008

January 2, 2008

I wasn't able to finish uploading the pics from our New Year's Eve at the camp. I will try to upload those pics later in the week.

We had a wonderful time at the Independence Bowl!! It was a great game and like I said earlier, it was a "W"! We left Monroe around 9:45 and met Toni and her mom at Supiorer Grill in Shreveport for lunch. It had been so long since I had eaten SG and I had forgotten how good it was! I told Wayne that we may have to take special trips to Shreveport just to go there to eat! Anyway, we caught up with Toni and all her "goings"...conversations with Tony Romo, going to Garth Brooks' soccer field at his house...the girl just does not stop! She hasn't changed a bit since college! Of course, she also told us about all the happenings from the week of entertaining the Bama and Colorado football teams (Toni and her mom are on the Petro Sun committee for the Independence Bowl and they have season tickets to the Bowl games. We used Ms. Mitchell's tickets). She showed me a picture of her and Nick Saban on her digital camera. If anybody could get a picture with Nick Saban, it would be Toni!! She told us which hotel the Bama players were staying at and I knew where it was because I had CPE classes there. We had a lot of time to kill, so after saying bye to Toni and her mom, we headed over to the Clarion Hotel. There were lots of people in the main lobby, parents, and players. Wayne and I felt like two kids in a candy store! Our biggest and proudest moment was getting to meet Terry Grant. He was so nice! Actually, when Wayne recognized him, he said, "Hey! I know who you are! You're Terry Grant! "Mr. Mississippi! Can I get a picture?" Terry said that he needed to take care of something with his family, but that he would come right back. He did and we got a picture! It was so funny, because we would have to ask all the little kids, "Hey? Who's that? Who just signed your book?" because we didn't recognize them without their numbers! One little kid ran up to one of the players and said, "Hey! Can you tell me what room D.J. Hall is in?" Everybody laughed and the player told him that he couldn't tell him that. I would have given anything to meet Matt Caddell, but we didn't see all the players. Many of them had just gotten on a bus headed somewhere when we pulled into the hotel parking lot. But we were still excited. After that, Wayne dropped me off at Super Target and he went to Best Buy. We shopped until about two hours before the game and then headed over to the stadium. As long as I live, if we ever go to another Independence Bowl game, we will have a parking pass! It is a life saver. Both getting to and leaving the game was a piece of cake! The first thing I wanted when we got into the stadium was some food!! I was so hungry!! I got a frito-pie and it was so good! I got Wayne a hamburger and a bag of peanuts. The only "negative" thing I would have to say about a bowl game is that because the fans are so spread out throughout the stadium, the "togetherness" is kinda lost. Yes, you still scream and yell and shake your pom-pom for your favorite team, but chances are, the opposing team's fan are sitting near by, too. The other thing that I couldn't get over was the number of LSU people that showed up. I'm not quite sure if it was to boo Nick Saban - which they did! - or to support an SEC win no matter who it was. I would like to think it was the latter. Anyway, lots of LSU and would you believe that some people had the audacity to wear their University of Monroe t-shirts? Oh, and the sign! Everyone we talked to knew about the sign!! They may not have seen it, but they knew about it. I ran in to a Bama fan in the parking lot at Superior Grill and she lived in Nashville and said a picture of the sign made it into the Nashville newspaper! My goodness! We got home at 12:45 that night, which we thought was pretty good.

We picked Alise up at my mom's Monday morning around 10:15 and headed to the camp. We stopped in Oak Grove for fireworks, went to Walmart for food, and Fox's pizza for lunch. Wayne went hunting that afternoon and Alise and I took a nap. We ate chili for supper, but the weather was too cold for us to pop firecrackers, so we didn't mention it to Alise and she didn't think about it. Wayne and Alise went to bed around 9:30 and I stayed up until 11:00 reading a book. That was our New Year's. We didn't even stay up until midnight. However, I did come home from the camp yesterday and cooked some black eyed peas for supper. Alise refused to eat them. I asked her if she ate her lunch today and she said, "Not the peas, Mommie. I not like them." I laughed.

Alise was sitting on the counter tonight while I cooked supper. She blurted out, "We live at the Pondee!" I said, "We don't live at the Pondee, Silly! Who lives at the Pondee?" She said, "Aunt Donna and Uncle Steve!" It was too cute!

Alise also came home tonight with a HUGE goose egg right between her eyes! When I picked her up, I noticed this huge purple knot on her nose and I asked Ms. Gloria what had happened. She told me that Ms. Sandy had gotten a phone call earlier this afternoon that her father had had a heart attack and so she left to meet her family at the hospital. So, Ms. Gloria was stuck with all the kids in one room. Apparently, Alise had climbed on top of the little kitchen area and fell off. When Wayne asked her what happened tonight, she told him that Allie pushed her. Of course, you never know what to believe because Alise can tell you some stories, but I did notice this afternoon that Allie didn't come running over to me when she saw me. Hum? Anyway, I was really concerned because she has never swollen so bad after a fall. This boh-boh looks nothing like last week when she hit the door of the entertainment center here at home. I mean, it is a rather big goose egg. She'll have a really bad bruise for several days to come.

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