Friday, January 18, 2008

Grey's Anatomy

My first episode of Grey's Anatomy. Season 3, episode 1. Lizzy was laying on the floor in a formal. Apparently, Meredith and McDreamy had just had sex and someone put her panties on the hospital bulletin board. The Chinese girl is Jewish (I have yet to figure that one out!). McDreamy and another doc are quarantined in the locker room. And for some reason everyone keeps having flashbacks and meets at the corner bar...including patients!! Oh, and another thing! "Robin" (from Batman and Robin) is on here! I had no idea! I'm lost!! I should have started from the beginning, but I was bored and I wanted something to watch. Sorry to disappoint you groupies out there, but so far, I am not impressed. Oh, and there's a guy on there that looks like Leo Dicaprio with a beard and mustache. There are some cute guys on that show, I'll give you that!

I feel like a new woman. I have been foot-loose and fancy free since 3:30! As soon as I got out of my meeting, my mom called and said that she had just picked up Alise and they were on their way home. I quickly grabbed my purse and raced out the office door! I got my nails done and went shopping for a few hours. When I left the mall, it was sleeting outside. I stopped at Wendy's, grabbed some supper, and went by the movie store to pick up Grey. I got to take a hot bath and shave my legs all in one night!! Heaven. Sheer heaven. On the way home, all I could think about was when was the last time I didn't have to be home at a certain time or have someone following me hollering, "Moma! Moma! Moma!" Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't take anything for my Baby Girl - I love her more than anything - but sometimes I am so thankful for a break! And tonight is a break from BOTH my babies! Wayne is at the camp. I am so excited! I can stay up as long as I want to! I can eat whatever I want to! I can watch and do whatever I want to! Trust me, that is something to be excited about!!

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