Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday, December 4, 2008

I got a little concerned this morning when Alise woke up with two black eyes. The pictures just do not do the “egg” justice; it is still pretty swollen. So as soon as I got to work, I called Dr. Stanley’s office hoping for a morning appointment, but the receptionist quickly told me that it wouldn’t be possible. He already had 25 patients scheduled for the morning! So I made Alise a 3:00 appointment and as I worked through lunch, the twenty-five patient thing started to register and I began to second guess whether or not I really wanted to take Alise in with a bump on her face and take the chance of getting something more serious! What if she got the flu or strep throat? Oh, well, I just couldn’t live with myself if she got up tomorrow morning and looked even worse – especially with it being the weekend! What if she broke her nose? Everyone I’ve talked to says it a good thing for the swelling to be on the outside. So, I decided to take her in anyway and take my chances. Besides, Wayne reminded me that I needed to ask Dr. Stanley for something for Alise’s congestion because the Dimetapp doesn’t seem to be working. By the time we got in to a room, I had completely forgotten about the congestion. Everyone in the office wanted to know what had happened to Baby Girl. I bet I told the story 50 times! When Dr. Stanley walked in the room, he was smiling, but when he saw Alise, he made a frown and said, "Well, this certainly isn't a case of the cold or flu!" Alise was a perfect angel! She didn't cry and Dr. Stanley is so wonderful, that she actually talked to him. He checked her heart and ears, but not her throat, to my disappointment, and didn't say anything about the congestion. He said that if Alise did have a fall, the front of the face was a better place for it to happen and that the bruising was a good sign. He did say that he didn't think Alise had a break or fracture, but he did write us an order for an X-ray. So, from there, we had to go to admissions and then on to radiology for the X-rays. Alise did great! She didn't cry or move while they took 5 pictures. After a few minutes, they told us we could go and they showed me Alise's X-rays on the computer. Of course, I'm no radiologist, but I couldn't see a break or fracture anywhere. I have to call Dr. Stanley's office in the morning to get the results. Because Alise was so good -and because the two suckers she got from Dr. Stanley just weren't enough - I took her to McDonald's for an early supper. I was SO proud of her!

I’ve been searching the whole house over for a copy of Alise’s shot record. Yes, I get the satisfaction of taking her back to P&S tomorrow morning at 8:00 – what was I thinking? – for the second dose of one of her booster shots. Lucky me! Alise is going to notice the building from ten blocks away and start wiggin’ out!! But about the time, I know exactly what I was thinking!! Last time, I had to wait two hours to get her shots and I said that next time I would have the earliest appointment! I want to get in and get out!

I can’t tell you what a relief it is this year to not have to come up with something for Alise’s birthday party! She has already decided that she wants a “pink poodle” birthday party and I’ve found all the supplies online at We still need to find a place because I don’t think Fox’s Pizza will work this year. So that’s only one thing to stress about! Right now, I am considering our church’s playground. It has a huge shaded play area. The only thing to worry about is the weather so if I decide to do that, I may have to have a backup plan. Also, Alise’s actually birthday is on Sunday this year. I’m not a stickler for “having to have it on the actual day,” but since it falls on a weekend, I thought about having it on Sunday afternoon. However, there is Alise’s church friend, Eileen, to think about because her mom usually has her party on the Sunday before Memorial Day. We’ve got plenty of time to decide all the details! I have already gotten Alise one birthday present! It’s the red and white polka dot bikini at Gymboree. We were in that store sometime before Christmas and I showed it to Wayne and he liked it and told me to go ahead and get it (I’d had my eye on it for a while). The only thing he said was, “Her belly is going to be poking out!” I told him that I didn’t care! My baby’s never had a bikini and she deserves one!

When I was in the doctor's office today, I saw one of Alise's friends from Yellow House that left this fall because she was three years old. Morgan is going to River Oaks and her mom told me, yes, that she had just found out this week that RO was not having a pre-K3 class next year. She asked where we were going this fall and I told her that we were hoping that Alise would get in Jesus Good Shepherd. She said she had heard good things about JGS. I told her that it would only be for a year and that got me to thinking that we should be getting a phone call in a few weeks as to whether or not Alise is accepted.

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