Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My computer is dead. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. I had planned to take it to a local computer-fix-it store at lunch, but Wayne told me to wait and he would call Bellsouth tonight. Ever since we uploaded to 6.0, we've had nothing but problems. We've gone through four modems and the last guy that came out to the house promised me that the newest one was in fact new and not a refurbished one. We'll see.

Check out the new line at Gymboree.com. It's cute, but I think we'll pass on this one. However, I do love the red and white polka dot bikini! Maybe I can get that for Alise's birthday?

Alise asked me this morning if I would take her to see Santa again so she could ask for big girl panties. She is so worried that Santa will not bring her new panties! If she only knew! I've spent a small fortune on panties for Christmas! I actually wrapped some presents last night! I got books for Alise's friends at school and wrapped those for her to give out to Emma, Allie & Mallory today. I wrapped one of Brooklyn's and one for Alise so now there are actually gifts under our tree. She hasn't even noticed! Right now, we're trying to make plans with Donna to get together with Chad, Casey, Jill and Baby Ella for Christmas. We got Baby Ella a small gift and would love to see her since we haven't gotten to yet. I called my mom last night to find out what the menu is for Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner and she hasn't even thought about it yet. I was shocked, but she has been so busy with putting my Grandmother in a nursing home the last few months. I told her that she needed to get busy planning! Alise and I are counting down the week until there is no more school or work. Her daycare is closed next Monday through Wednesday. However, I do plan on being the mean mother and sending her to school on Thursday and Friday (I'll pick her up early) so that I can take Christmas down and clean the house. Lots to do to get ready for the Big Game on the 30th!! As a matter of fact, I had a nightmare last night that we didn't get to go to the game because Wayne had to work! What a nightmare!

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