Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thursday, December 7, 2007

I have found yet another specialty store in our area called, “Scarlett & Company” over by Tinsel Town in West Monroe. Linda and I had lunch at Bennigan’s (potato soup and sandwich…yum!) and on the way back to work, we stopped by the store. Oh, my goodness! Absolutely TONS of one of my favorite brands for Alise, “Mis-Tee-V-Us.” If you can’t find a Christmas outfit in that brand anywhere else, they will definitely have it there…all sizes galore! They also had more “mod” clothes. I would love to find Alise a sparkly fleur-dis-le shirt and they had some silver sequined slip-on tenny shoes (converse looking)! I told the owner that I would have to come back later when I had more time to shop. So cute clothes!! They had women’s clothes and jewelry, too. Anyway. Check them out when you can.

Alise is still having problems. It seems the only person that can make her go potty and get some relief is her daddy. After about an hour and a half of Alise feeling absolutely miserable, Wayne came home and forced her to stay on the potty long enough for something to happen. She felt so much better! I was telling a friend about it at work this morning, and she asked me if Alise is drinking plenty of water. When I got to thinking about it, now that the weather has gotten cooler, she probably hasn’t been going outside as much at school, thus not getting as much activity or water when they come inside. So, now I’m going to start pouring water down her and see if that will work. This morning, she wanted to wear a diaper to school. I am so worried that this whole episode is going to affect our potty training. I’ve decided that I am going to give it to the end of the year, and then I am going to take matters into my own hands. We’ve been fighting this for nearly four months and she knows better than to use the bathroom in her pullup or panties. She is just too lazy, does it for attention, or to tick her mother off! It’s a new day come January, sister! She better hopes Santa brings her a really thick book to put in the seat of her pants!! I’m so tired of hearing all the “success” stories from everyone. Last night she tee-tee’ed in her diaper and she said, “Change me! Change me!” and I didn’t do it because I knew she needed to do the other. I felt horrible for leaving her in a wet diaper, but if she’s old enough to know she’s wet, then she’s old enough to use the potty all the time, everytime!

I saw Ella’s mother this morning at Alise’s school and told her that we were planning on coming to Ella’s party this weekend. She was so glad that we were coming. Speaking of birthday parties, I was telling Tiffany about the gymnastics party that we went to this past weekend because she told me that they just do everything too fast there as far as birthday parties go, but that I thought Mallory’s party went really smooth. She said that she’s already starting thinking about Addison’s party (in March). I just moaned. I don’t even want to think about that right now. I’ve got to get through Christmas first! Although, Alise tells me all the time that she wants to have a pink poodle party. Ugh. I just don’t want to think about her birthday right now. (Although Baby Girl did wear her new pink and black poodle outfit to school today and she looked SO CUTE!!)

Wayne has got to stay home from the camp one weekend long enough for me to finish my Christmas shopping!! It doesn’t look like it will be this weekend, though. I thought about getting a babysitter, but with Ella’s birthday right in the middle of the afternoon, it just really isn’t worth it. I really thought that I would be finished by now. Wrong. There are still a few more things that I am thinking about getting Alise for Christmas (I know. I said I wasn’t going to go all out and really, I haven’t). I was thinking about a Sit n’ spin, but the only ones I can find are “Dora” and she is so in to the princesses and pink poodles right now. I also thought about getting her a princess karaoke machine because she loves singing the princess songs (She sang “Rudolph” all the way to school this morning!) and then there is the princess mat that plays the songs and teaches you how to dance “just like your favorite princess.” I am for sure going to get her a pink poodle purse at the “Flower Child” in the mall. They are just too cute! I got her the princess keyboard the other night at Wal-mart because she has been wanting a piano. I still have to finish Wayne, my brother, my grandmother, and grab a few gift cards for people. So, our plans this weekend is for me to get my hair done Saturday morning while my mom keeps Alise and then go to Ruston for the birthday party that afternoon. I might get to go shopping Saturday night if Wayne gets home in time. Sunday, Tiffany and I are taking Addison and Alise to the Children’s Museum for the Christmas festivities. More on that later this weekend. Wayne will work on finally getting the lights on the house!

Next Saturday, Alise has her school Christmas party at her Big Sis School, Grace Episcopal. Santa is suppose to make a surprise visit. I can’t wait to get her together with all her friends again. Last year, every time one of her little friends would come through the door, she would squeal their name and run to give them a hug. It was so sweet! This year, there is no telling what they’ll do! I’d love to get a picture with all of them around Santa, but I KNOW that’s not gonna happen! Mental note: buy teacher’s gifts, too. Anyway, there was a sign up list beside the sign in sheet this morning and so I signed Alise up to bring cookies. However, I’ve made the executive decision that we’re going to make cupcakes instead with M&M’s on top because I have already bought the Christmas cake mix and I was holding out for her party. Besides, I’ve got to put that cupcake stand that I bought for her birthday party to some use!! If there are any aunts or uncles or grandparents or friends that would like to come to Alise’s party, you are welcome to come! She would love to have you!

Okay, I have to share a mean and nasty joke with you. My next door buddy at work is a die-hard ULM fan and he came in my office this morning as serious as he could be and said, “Have you heard that Alabama may have to back out of the Independence Bowl?” My heart just fell and I nearly started hyperventilating. I said, “NO!” He said, “Yeah, it’s true! They can’t get past Monroe.” It took a few minutes but it clicked and I told him that he was so mean, so all you NMBC-go’ers make sure you give Charles Mock a VERY hard time!! I know Wayne talked to Toni Sunday night after we found out that Bama was going back to the Independence Bowl, but she was in New York. All the arrangements haven’t been made, but Toni told Wayne the tickets were as good as his. He’s decided to go ahead and get the four tickets (while secretly hoping that Doug and Mirya will have a change of heart and decide to come anyway) and see if maybe some other friends of ours would like to go. I hope this isn’t another Bama v. ULM situation where we nearly get stuck with tickets! I’m just praying for cold, football weather and a WIN!! We’ve decided not to spend the night in Shreveport. Moma is going to keep Alise.

I apologize for the long blog, but some of you had fits last week because I hardly wrote and instead posted mostly pictures. But that’s what’s going on in our world. And potty training or no potty training, I thank God every day for my little girl. She is the best thing that could ever happen to two people. Yesterday morning, Alise was watching TV and a St. Jude’s commercial for their tricycle-a-thon came on TV and I told her, “Alise, mommie thanks God every day for you…that you’re healthy and happy. Those boys and girls are sick and have stay in the hospital.” She asked me, “Why, mommie?” Thus far, that’s been the hardest question she’s asked me. Ya know, I expected “Why is the sky blue” or something like that (I know it’s coming one day), but, no, she asked me about those sick children. All I could say was “that’s the way God wanted it.” I didn’t know what else to tell her. Beyond anything else in the world, I want her to know that she’s loved…that she’s loved my her mom and dad….loved by her family and friends, but most of all, loved by God. And that’s not to say that those precious children aren’t loved, also. I guess what I meant by that was that no matter what comes her way in life, she never questions the fact that she wasn’t or isn’t loved by somebody, but mostly by God himself. There is a local church in town that has this life-size, 3-D nativity scene at the front of the church and we pass it every morning and every afternoon to and from school. She always has to look for “Baby Jesus” and she is just amazed by that whole scene. I haven’t really talked to her too much about the nativity story except that Christmas is really Baby Jesus’ birthday (She understands everything in baby terms right now). This past Sunday, her S.S. lesson was on Gaberiel visiting Mary and we were talking about it one day and she told me, “Mary was scared, Mommie!” It just blessed my heart to hear her say that. She’s learning. And one day, she will know the truth. She will know what true, everlasting love really means.

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  1. do you KNOW how expensive that store is! i about peed in my pants when i saw their prices!!