Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday, December 23, 2007

We're still having computer problems. I am shocked that I am even able to be on the internet right now! As a matter of fact, BellSouth is making a house call tomorrow - yes, Christmas Eve - to check out our modem once again. I wasn't ugly, but I gave them a piece of my mind...especially when they told me there was going to be an $80 fee for them to come out. Needless to say, we won't be paying the $80! The technician is suppose to be here between 8 and 12 tomorrow morning. We'll see.

Alise spent the night with her Aunt Donna & Uncle Steve on Friday night. She had a blast! I think there was also a special visitor there named, Juicy, too. That's all she talked about when we got home was her Aunt and Uncle. I think there were a few "firsts" during her visit...maybe like, the first time she had Coke and wore "real" lipstick? Ha! Anyway, Wayne and I went to see the second "National Treasure" movie Friday night and finished our Christmas shopping on Saturday. Yes, I told you that I was finished a few days ago, but then Wayne decided that we needed to go back to Toys R Us to see if there was anything he thought Alise needed, too. We ended up buying more, of course. Are you ever really through? Ugh! We picked Alise up but then ended up going out to eat with Donna and Steve at a dive in Farmerville. They had "live" music...a rather older gentleman that was singing Christmas songs. Alise thought she was back at Chad and Allison's wedding! Although she didn't really get up and start jukin' again, Alise was moving to the beat of the music and she kept her eyes on the piano player. When he was playing "jingle Bells," she hollered out rather loudly at one point, "Hey!" We all laughed. She started crying when we had to leave. I think she really had a good time. What's her deal with "live" music? I told Wayne, that's all we need her to do is become a "groupie"!

Wayne went to the camp late last night so it was just me and Baby Girl. We went to church and after that, we went back to the mall and waited in line for an hour to see Santa! See, I had promised Alise that I would take her back to see him so that she could tell him that she wanted "big girl panties". Of course, I did most of the talking, but I think she will be able to sleep better knowing that "Santa knows", now. She is really worried that he won't bring her any panties. I've decided to wrap them all together and attach a note from Santa for Christmas morning. She'll love that! Other than that, there is not much for me and Wayne to put together tomorrow night. There are a few things that I've decided not to wrap, but it's mostly just setting the things "out" and not putting "together." I think she's only got two or three toys that even run on batteries! I'll try and post Christmas Eve pictures late tomorrow night. We're going to my mom and dad's for Christmas Eve knick-knack foods and fireworks!

Cousin Brooklyn is back in town and Alise just left with Papaw to go see her for a few hours this afternoon. I'm about to make some white covered pretzels and do some straightening up. In case I don't have time later, please have a very Merry Christmas and remember Mirya's mom in your prayers.

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