Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sunday, December 2, 2007

I have two things to say....well, maybe three! First of all, this entry should not take away from the pics of Chad & Allison's wedding. I expect this to be a rather long entry, so please check out their wedding pics below. Second, where in the heck is the cold weather? Our carport is sweating!! That is so gross!! I can't stand the humidity and the drizzling rain! I am praying for cooler - no, COLD - weather! Third, ROLL TIDE!! And that's all I'm gonna say about that!!

We have had the busiest weekend we have had in a long time. I am so tired and right now, my head is throbbing. It all started yesterday when we had to be at Mallory's birthday party at 11:00 at Bayou Gymnastics. You can check out those pictures below, too. I have to say, everyone loved Alise's whole polka-dot get-up with the shoes to match. She was adorable. We had to run in Fred's before the party to get a bow for Mallory's gift and about two people in there commented how cute she looked. So, anyway, we went to the party, had a blast, ate cake and ice cream. Alot of Alise's little friends from school showed up, which I was really surprised about that, but I was glad to see her playing with her friends. It was also fun talking to the other moms while the kids played.

We came home, took a nap and then started getting ready for the long drive to St. Joseph to Chad and Allison's wedding. We had a fabulous time! It was the first Catholic wedding we had ever been to and I had been building the whole thing up with Alise for the past few days telling her that Chad was going to be the "Prince" and Allison was going to be "Cinderella." The whole wedding ceremony took an hour and Alise did well until about the last twenty minutes. We were sitting on the back row (Back seat Baptists), so Wayne ducked out and took her outside. He gave her some M&Ms so she was wired and ready for the reception by the time it was all over! And let me just say this, the photographers took a zillion pictures!!!! Donna, please let me see the pictures when they come in! They took a ton of Alise alone and I would love to see them and buy some. So, after the wedding, we head over to the St. Joseph Country Club and made complete pigs of ourselves because we were starving to death!! Other than a snack (during the wedding, no less), Alise had not eaten anything all day but a little cake, ice cream, and chips. I know she was so hungry. The food was wonderful with meats, sandwiches, dips and chips. But one of the highlights of my night, as a mother, was seeing Alise on the dance floor! That's all she wanted to do was dance! When the band started playing, she just stood out on the dance floor and watched them. She'd run back to our table and shout, "Mommie, they are so loud!" and then run back out there. I wanted her to have a great time, so she and I got out there and danced, then other people got out there and she started dancing with complete strangers!! Finally, a slow song came on, so she and her daddy danced together with her feet on his and I just cried. You can see a picture of this special moment in the right margin of my blog. And then the band played Eric Clapton's, "You Look Beautiful Tonight" and all three of us danced together. It was one of our happiest moments of a family and I was so content. Unfortunately, Alise was outside with Uncle Steve looking at the Christmas lights and Chad's truck when her favorite song, "Shake-Shake-Shake-Shake Your Booty" came on, so Donna went outside to get her and they finished up the last minute of the song dancing together. At one song, when Alise was the only one on the dance floor and she was swinging her dress around, Wayne said, "Look! It's Donna!" and we all busted out laughing. Wayne said, "I wonder if they are going to play any Bee-Gee's?" and we busted out laughing again. Alise thought she was the hit of the party when Allison danced one whole song with her and then the next song, all her bridesmaids joined in, so she was on cloud nine to be getting special attention from all the girls that "have dresses like mine!" (She meant the same color). It was so much fun!! We didn't get home until 12:15, but like I said, it was so a great night for all of us!

We were so exhausted that we only made it to Sunday School this morning. We went to lunch, came home and took a nap, and then began putting up the Christmas decorations. I've opted to only put up two of my four trees this year and I haven't decided yet whether or not I'll put the other decorations up. Alise was great with helping me, but my mom kept her pretty occupied while I did the majority of it. The trees are up with the lights, garland, beads, etc., but we haven't put the decorations on it. That will have to come tomorrow night. I'm just too tired. With the gross weather outside, Wayne hasn't gotten around to putting the lights on the house. Maybe next weekend.

You know I couldn't pass the opportunity up to talk about Alabama. Yes, Wayne has already made his phone call to his friend, Toni, about tickets to the Independence Bowl on Sunday, December 30th. We are esctatic!! Of course, I tried to tell everybody from day one that they were headed back to the Independence Bowl! It seems that Wayne and I both have different opinions regarding Saban, Les Miles, and the whole Bowl Bid thing, but I'm not even going to go there. But I told Wayne that if Alabama was playing in our backyard, then I didn't want to pass up a chance to see them. He even suggested we stay the night and of course, I was all for that! That is, if we can find a reasonable rate. I don't remember who it was, but Wayne told Alise to say, "Roll Tide" to some of his college students this morning at church and Alise screamed, "ROll Tide!!" The students laughted. It was a proud moment.

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